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Travel Backward!

Unable to post pictures here, I abandoned WP during these past three weeks and used FB to share our travels with friends. It’s been a magical time in England and Switzerland. If you, my WP friends, wish to travel vicariously with us, do click on my FB link and have a look… you can travel backward with us all the way to London and then to Downton where we were privileged to spend three days with blogging friend, Derrick Knight and his wife, Jackie. When I get home to Montana Thursday, I will resume my “Embrace” series.


Still Can’t WP Post


No WP Room!

No WP room? I am being told by WP that I have used all the gigabyte allowed for JanBeek. So everything I try to post with photos fails. I already pay the $99.99 annually for the deluxe plan. The next level is commercial. I don’t need that. So, what now? My posts from London & from Derrick & Jackie’s won’t upload. I am losing touch with my WP friends. do I go into my WP photo album and begin deleting pictures? Is there a way for the WP program to recognize and automatically delete duplicates?

I am missing our interactions – and would love to show you what a grand time we’re having on this London/Downton/Swiss trip!

Have you Missed me?

I have tried posting on my blog since arriving in England. It won’t allow my pictures. Don’t desert me, though. Hang tight. I’ll be back, it’ll be worth the wait! Meantime, follow me on FB, ok?


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