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Embrace Daily Plans

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How do you plan your days?
There are so many different ways.
Some fly by the seat of their pants.
They do everything by chance.

How do you plan your days?
Do you go with the latest craze?
Do you map days out in advance?
Or do you run with happenstance?

Blessed with a Star on the Forehead
Posted about planning ahead
Then finding something instead
And proceeding with a little dread.

She wrote, “To stop doing something
I had planned to go do
something totally different
and unplanned is exciting and new.”

Check out her blog with the link below:

I have a habit of making
A list – so there’s no mistaking
How my day will proceed.
Getting done all that I need.

I sit in my sanctuary
Where my space is clean and airy,
And I pray for direction.
But sometimes, I need correction!

I know the best laid plans
Can fall into careless hands,
So, I keep my mind open –
Flexibility is copin’


Take a look at tomorrow –
It’s a day we can borrow
Plans from years before.
But this year there’s more…

More trouble trick or treating;
Because the folks you’re meeting
May not have open doors.
COVID’s changed the scores.

Instead of making plans
For reaching out your hands
And filling bags with treats,
Let’s take those little sweets

And put them in a bowl…
Safe distribution’s the goal.
Be sure your treats are wrapped
And all precaution’s tapped.

This year Halloween is Sunday.
It’s supposed to be a fun day.
Is your costume ready to wear?
Will some kids join you there?

My sis always loved that day.
She embraced it in every way.
My grandkids loved her style.
Doesn’t she make you smile?

Embrace your daily planning
Pray this year no one’s banning
The fun of Halloween!
Save me a jelly bean!

See ya tomorrow… Happy Halloween!
What’s your favorite Trick or Treat?


Comments on: "Embrace Daily Plans" (8)

  1. I always loved the chocolate candy bars, sweet tarts, sugar daddies. Those were the days!

  2. *correction-Sugar babies. 😂 Oh and the Charms suckers! 😋

  3. Great rhythm and rhyme, Jan X

  4. Peter Martin said:

    Halloween is the one free day where dressing up silly is acceptable
    The other 364 days, there is no excuse.

    The coach always asked each wrestler, before they went out on the mat, whether or not they had a plan. Once he asked a 17 year old Mike Everson that question. Mike was fired up. I remember Mike blasting out of the chute we made. Running and screaming like a madman, leaping from the edge of the mat to the center ring in one giant leap. His opponent, as I recall was well qualified. But upon seeing and hearing Mike, I believe that his fears got the better of him as evidenced at the moments following the toot of the referees whistle. Mike had a plan, executed the plan and remained an icon and leader on the team. Yelling like he did, was part of the plan, as we echoed his battle cry during the match was also part of the plan.
    Think 3 moves ahead, always. Know the potential counters and execute the counters to the counters. A plan helps us stay focused.

  5. I can still remember my grandmother handing out Hershey bars, the regular size. They cost a whole nickel back then. As for planning, I have been a creature of routine. Life has taught me to be patient and flexible when it’s needed (sounding like a teacher). Jan, blessings to your daily inspiration to write and share.

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