Loving One Another

Follow Me


Follow Me

Follow me, little one –

I will not lead you astray.

Follow me, innocent one –

I’ll follow you someday.

While you are young

And growing more each day,

Let me guide your footsteps

In a safe and thoughtful way.

When you face some crossroads

And wonder where to turn,

Let me help you choose, and

Let me help you learn.

Soon enough you’ll find me

Needing help, seeking your advice.

But for now, follow me, my love –

Your company feels so nice!

Comments on: "Follow Me" (10)

  1. I enjoyed the imagery and the image.

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  2. So like our New Forest ponies, donkeys, and cattle

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  3. Mailyn Sena said:

    Jan…keeping you in prayer for negative MRI results. Merri & Ty enjoyed their visit with you so much and are eager to return. Blessings and hugs. Hope to see you in the near future.

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    • Wow! I JUST saw this response, Marilyn!! How did I miss it?? Thank you so much for visiting JanBeek. We still smile with our hearts whenever we think of that lovely time with Ty & Roxanne. Come visit JanBeek again… and plan your visit to Montana!


  4. Elaine Hundley said:

    Jan, after one of those “I can’t sleep nights”, I tried your idea and dragged out of bed and worked with a psalm and then checked your blog. Even shared it on Facebook! Still hope for this old dog I guess.

    Thank you and enjoy your time with family:)

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    • Thank you for checking my blog. I hope you found some inspiration, maybe a few chuckles, and some food for thought… and then had a good night’s sleep. God bless you! ❤ Happy New Year!! ❤


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