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Nut Cracker

When my dear daddy, Sal,

Left behind his earthly pain

He took with him some items

But left behind the main.

He took his smile and chuckle,

His twinkle and his hugs,

But he left behind his calendars

And the fancy cut glass mugs.

He took his constant excuses,

Like “I missed that day in school,”

But he left his love of convertibles

(Our son thinks they’re pretty cool).

He took his love of walnuts

But the nuts he left behind;

They’re his daughters, Jan & Sally,

-And we’ve got his nutcracker, too-

(We knew he wouldn’t mind!)

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Crackin’ to all the nutty dads out there!

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  1. What a great dad. We all should remember the little things that made him a father, a man, and a friend. My dad loved cracking walnuts too! I never picked up that habit — I buy them shelled at the store — but we always had a bowl of nuts around. Besides us kids, of course..

    • Yes, I feel very blessed to have had a daddy who was such a love đź’• There’s Joy in remembering!

  2. dedesunshine said:

    Hey! Was it Father’s Day last Sunday?!?!

    Sent from my iPhone

    No, DeDe, it’s this coming Sunday. This is Father’s Week!!🤪

  3. Sally Butters said:


    • I’m glad you saw this, Sally. I had both us nuts in mind when I wrote it. Do you remember that nutcracker?

  4. Smile inducing!

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