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We Are Sisters

God made us sisters.
Life made us friends.
It’s been a life-long journey
To bring the months that
Separated us,
The personalities that
Distinquished us,
Into a Medley of Appreciation.
Seventeen months apart,
A life-time of differences,
But an eternity together –
Because, Praise God,
We are Sisters.

Beautiful People

This is the time of year when many people find their hurts, losses, and sad memories surfacing. Instead of trying to “stuff” those feeling, celebrate them – and know their value. As Elizabeth Ross said, “Beautiful people do not JUST happen.”

Wherever There Is Love

Wherever There Is Love.

One of my favorite bloggers is “A Grateful Man.” His post today, with a story from his favorite aunt, reminds me of why I love Russ’s blog so much! Click on the link and see for yourself!

Go out in love – and have a blessed day, dear friends.

Facing Trouble

Are you facing TROUBLE in your life? Today’s scripture caught my attention as I was writing daily reflections in my “Love Journal.” The scripture for today in the journal is Psalm 32:7 “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble.”

Is it true? Is God your hiding place? Will God protect you from trouble? In my experience, it is not that trouble doesn’t come my way. It will and it does! Trouble finds us – even in our best hiding places! So what comfort can I take from Psalm 32?

If we live the truth of Psalm 16:9 and we “are always thinking of the Lord,” then the scripture promises, “…because He is near, I never need to stumble or fall.” God will help me overcome trouble. He will help you, too! I truly believe that. Do you?

Psalm 16:10 says “Heart, body and soul are filled with joy.” How can we have joy in the midst of trouble? It helps me to focus on the fact that the Lord is in control. God is the Captain of my ship, the Driver of my vehicle, the Lamp that lights my path. If I remember that, then God will not only lead me through the trouble and help me overcome it, but He will strengthen me by it. He will bring me joy. I truly believe that, too.

“Protection” from trouble is not the absence of trouble, but it is the inability of trouble to take away my joy. With God’s help, I can hold my head high, walk through the hard times, and emerge stronger and more faithful. You can, too. Take JOY, my friend. Take heart; take God’s hand – offered by a loving friend – and walk right through that trouble with His Strength – to the other side. You don’t need to hide. He will protect you. He will show you The Way. God bless you. Walk on!

Veteran’s Day


Love one another, yes! Love especially our veterans – Yes!

It’s time to reflect on all those who served, and especially those who died, in the military. Because they served and many made the ultimate sacrifice, I have the freedom to live a life of comfort in safety today. I am saying a prayer of gratitude for all those who prevented my country from being a place like Syria where this week 11,000 men, women, and children fled across the border to Turkey. With only the clothes on their backs, they escaped the tyranny of an oppressive and unjust government – only to find themselves in a less than desirable camp-like setting. But they are alive. “Freedom is not free” is not a trite little saying on a bumper sticker. It is a reality. Isaiah 49:15-16 says “I will not forget you. I have engraved you on the palm of my hands.” The names of our veterans are engraved on my heart. God bless the memory of each one of them. May those who gave their lives for my freedom be living eternally at the right hand of God the Almighty, reaping the beautiful rewards of their bravery and sacrifice forever and ever. Amen? Amen!!

Make Me An Instrument

Make Me An Instrument

The words to the song below were written in honor of a dear, talented, generous, Montana friend, Larry Zabel, who went to his eternal home last month. I will try to post a video with the words so that you can hear the tune and words. Keep in mind, it’s an amateur video sung by a Grammy whose voice used to be soprano… I try it in both octaves, just so you can choose which one fits your voice. Be forgiving, dear blogging friends!

Larry leaves behind a legacy of service to our Lord through his hands working magic on canvas. He was truly an instrument of Our Master, showing the majesty of God’s creation and the wonder of God’s people. I am thankful for his many artistic donations which enabled the work of dozens of civic organizations. God’s love exploded from Larry’s heart, palette and brushes onto his canvasses.

Another dear and talented Ennis friend, Gerry Gerron, painted a portrait of Larry Zabel. He will donate it to hang in our beautiful Madison Valley Medical Center. The work of many artists has been enhanced by the talents and inspiration of Larry, who so generously gave of himself. Gerry’s rendering of Larry is one example of how that inspiration plays itself out. The song/poem below is my small offering toward keeping that legacy alive and honoring the man who did so much in his lifetime to be God’s instrument.


Verse 1:

If I can be a student in my Master’s schools,
If I could be a vessel to carry Love’s Views,
If I could be a light to shine His Good News,
Then my life will not be in vain.


Lord, make me an instrument in Your hands,
Make me an instrument in Your hands,
Make me an instrument in Your hands,
And my life will not be in vain.

Verse 2:

If I can be a beacon to show His Way,
If I can be a shoulder to end a friend’s dismay,
If I can be a fountain, His love to spray,
Then my life will not be in vain.


Verse 3:

If I can be the arms to lighten someone’s load,
If I can be the path to show a friend The Road,
If I can be a spark to help His Love explode,
Then my life will not be in vain.



(Video with the tune in my next posting)

A Poem of Gratitude


I woke this morning to the most glorious sunrise!
Up in my sanctuary, spending quiet time with my Lord,
this poem of gratitude flowed from my heart.
May it cause you to pause and Thank God, too, my friends.

Oh Lord, my God, I thank Thee
As You walk with me each day.
I thank Thee for the guidance
You provide me on the way.

I thank Thee for the love
You give me to pass along.
I thank Thee for the friends
Who point toward right, not wrong.

Oh Lord, my God, I thank Thee
For the bright new morning sun.
I thank Thee for the moments
I can praise You, every one.

I thank Thee for the trials
And the struggles that I face.
They strengthen and enrich me
As I bow to receive Your grace.

I thank Thee for the joys,
For the happiness that springs
From every living creature
That hops, flies, barks, and sings.

Your world is filled with wonders –
If I just open up my eyes
To see this great creation
That You’ve rolled into the skies.

The stars, the moon, the planets
Are not all there is to see.
You’ve made more than we’ll ever know
Until we reach eternity.

Oh Lord, my God, I thank Thee
For every breath I take.
May my life be in Your purpose.
May I live for Your Son’s sake.



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