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We Are Sisters

God made us sisters.
Life made us friends.
It’s been a life-long journey
To bring the months that
Separated us,
The personalities that
Distinquished us,
Into a Medley of Appreciation.
Seventeen months apart,
A life-time of differences,
But an eternity together –
Because, Praise God,
We are Sisters.

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  1. I don’t have a blood sister but I have a sister of the heart in Elaina!!!! Lovely poem, ma!

    • Yes, DeDe, you and Laina will be there for one another your whole lives long. That’s what sisters do… We are both blessed. I have a sister in Marcie, too – and Marcia & Sue. God’s gift to us, our blood sisters and our soul sisters.

  2. I love it. You know I tell my kids that their siblings are the only people that will be in there life now and by their side on their death bed. They love each other so very much.

    • Wise mama!! Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment, Rebecca. Your children are blessed to have a mom who understands the importance of sibling relationships. I wish I’d been a better role model in that regard.

  3. Love this! My sister and I have certainly had a lifetime of differences but love has always been there. Recently our relationship has deepened and we are able to enjoy each others company more fully. How wise we grow as we age and how much more we appreciate those God has placed in our lives!

    • Yes, aren’t we blessed when we finally wise up? I’m glad my poem spoke to you. Thank you for the feedback. God bless you and your sister! 🙂

  4. […] Jan’s recently posted poem about Sisters (and more motivation for reaching out to my sister!) http://janbeek.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/sisters/ […]

  5. Jan this poem and the joy in your faces in the lovely photo has helped further the healing in my heart around my sister. I truly cannot thank you enough for all that you share here. God Bless your loving and generous heart! Hugs, Gina

    • Your comment is an inspiration to me, Gina, to keep on sharing. In the midst of this busy Christmas season, I need to take time to monitor my blog comments and allow notes like yours to warm my heart! I pray that there will be reconciliation between you and your sister in the future. At least you know you are doing your part – and that’s the only part over which you have any control. God bless you!!

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