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Hands On

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Today I am headed to provide respite for a wonderful daughter and her dad who are caregivers for their mom and wife. They make it possible for this lovely lady to be in her home. She is a sweetheart, but Alzheimer’s is robbing her slowly, day by day, of her ability to function independently. Hands on care is such a gift! Whatever we can do to take care of our caregivers, we should do as often as possible. Give them a respite occasionally. Who knows, I may be that person tomorrow – that person who needs 24/7 care in order to remain in my home. God bless you, dear readers. Reach out to someone today!

Two Magic Words

Thank you!

I thought I had lost my WordPress account. I was told that the $99 per year fee was due and overdue. I decided with the other expenses we have right now to forego that expense, so I thought that meant JanBeek was now defunct. However, I discovered I was wrong. Here it is, still waiting for me to add a post. Thank you! I have missed my WordPress friends!

What’s new with you? I have been busy this summer with family and friends, festivals and fiestas. It’s been great fun. I hope you’ve had fun, too.

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