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Why do just one thing

When you can do two?

Is multi-tasking

Difficult for you?

Take a lesson

From my little friend:

Add some music and

Let learning blend.

Blend tasks that are hard

With something quite pleasant

And soon you’ll discover

Multi-tasking’s a present!

Photo compliments of
my buddy, Ingrid Tillion

Birthday Buddies

If you’re blessed as I

You too have birthday buddies –

Friends who care enough

To make sure your special day

Is more than ordinary.

I thank all my birthday buddies

Not only for being here today

But for the love you give

That fills my heart every day.

Thank you, Terry & Jim,

And all my faithful Birthday Buddies.

I love you so much!

Getting Acquainted

Getting Acquainted

0671F3D4-5587-4515-81EA-E81FB0C3D4C1Who’s that lady

Kissing on me?

Who’s that lady

Missing ole me?

She’s my GG,

Great-Grama Bee –

Always smiling and

Kissing my cheeks-

Lucky ole me!!

Light Show

I sit on my Montana porch

Watching the evening light show

God moves His illumination

From field to shelf to canyon

Each minute a new horizon

Topped off by God’s promise

With a rainbow of glorious




Parades are fun

They help us show

The things we do

To folks we know

They help us bring

New folks to town

They feature horses

Cowboy and clown

And let the people

Show their pride

And patriotism

Set differences aside

July the 4th

Is an excellent day

To honor your country

In this perfect way

Happy Independence Day!

Congratulations to

Vickey Gordon

Grand Marshall of

Ennis, Montana’s

July 4, 2018


The Skeleton

The Skeleton 


Some call it dead

This skeleton

Of a tree

But I call it


It’s mighty and alive

To me

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