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A thief in the night

Serve up the mojitos, Mouseketeer! Sante’ and Prost!! Save one for me!

Make Me an Offering

It is Stewardship Sunday.
What does that mean to you?
If you are a member of a church, you might think it is a time
when the church leaders seek to “Fleece the Flock.” 
Our sermon today was titled, “The Offering.”
As is my habit, I took notes as I listened.
Here are my internal reflections as I heard the message:

The Offering

What do I have that God needs?
He doesn’t need my money.
What do bees have that God needs?
You think He needs their honey?

What do I have that I alone produce?
My offering to God is FROM me.
What do I have that is unique to me?
It’s a gift from me that’s FREE.

What can I give to God who has it all?
He doesn’t need my $$ bills.
My offering is not FOR God;
It’s given in gratitude TO God
For a life of chills and thrills.

What do I have that God wants?
He wants my love and trust.
What do I have that’s free from God to me?
His love, my faith, and TIME. Give it to God? I must!

What does God need with my money, I wonder.
It is not for God, you see.
What does my giving mean? Is it plunder?
No, it’s a THANK YOU to God from me.

My checkbook is my stationery.
It’s how I give thanks for breath.
I’ll write my thanks, my gratitude to God,
With JOY and WISDOM until death.

What do I have that God wants?
More than anything, it is my faithful free TIME.
I can waste my TIME or spend it
In service to God. The choice is mine.

Lord God, take me
– and my time –
I am yours.

Make me an offering.




Gandhi’s Grandson Speaks Out on Violence

My friend, Jim, sent this message to me today with this introduction, “Thought you might be interested in this note from Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson.”
Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute
160 Wintergreen Way,
Rochester, NY 14618.
My heart goes out today to the people of Aurora who have suffered this immense and mindless tragedy.  To those who have lost their loved ones and to those who escaped with injuries this incident will never make any sense.  The word WHY? will always haunt them.  Already the nation is screaming for more protection, more security.  And, yes, the Government has already set the security apparatus in motion and we will gladly surrender more of our freedom to be safe.
As much as this is the time for sympathy and healing it is also a time for soul-searching.  It is easy to isolate this incident as an evil act of a madman and tighten security and move on with life.  We have done this over and over again but the scourge of violence refuses to disappear.
Why will it, when we find so much joy in violence and feed our children this diet from the time they learn to walk?  In fact violence has become so pervasive that it has overtaken our speech, entertainment, relationships, politics, culture, religion in fact, every aspect of human life.
In less than 15 years Colorado has suffered three senseless national tragedies in which scores of innocent lives have perished, not to speak of the mindless violence and killings that plague our cities every day.  Just as hate begets more hate, violence begets more violence.  So in the sacred memory of those who have died let us pledge to stop glorifying violence and to build a society of love, compassion, respect and understanding.
With Heartfelt Sympathies,
Arun Gandhi
My dear WordPress friends,
I was more than interested in these comments by Arun Gandhi.  think Mr. Gandhi has made a very valid point. I’m sure it is one many of you have been pondering, too. How can we stop the violence while we glorify it in our society? What can we do to de-glorify violence and glorify compassion, respect, understanding, and love? Do you have any ideas?
Please write your suggestions in the comments area below.
JanBeek ;o)

A New Day

Peace Shattered
Havoc Heaved
Stunned Confusion
Conflicting Realities
Discharged Pandemonium
Genius with Madness
God’s Child
God’s Grace
Trust in God’s Promises
Deep Reflection
Enemy Embraced
Right of Inclusion
The Gift Of Peace


God Bless You!

A New Day

The Gift of Peace in a New Day

The Temporary Squall

Do you ever feel as if you are living under a squall? Ever feel like that storm seems to be pouring down on you while everyone around you is living in the sunshine? We have those kinds of storms here in Montana. I recorded one on my iPhone yesterday. I tried uploading the video here, but maybe the file is too big for our WordPress format. I’ll put it on my Facebook page if I can. Go there to see “The Squall” at http://www.janbeekman.facebook.com. It was a sight to behold. I began thinking about sights we behold daily – and how what we see alters our mood. If I were in Aurora today – seeing the misery, feeling the grief, agony and pain of loss, I’d know I was in a squall. I’d wonder if the whole world was raining craziness. My heart goes out to those people who have lost loved ones.

In our Writers of Madison County “free write” time today, the topic was “Something You See Everyday.” I didn’t write about a squall. Those are not a daily occurrence. But, the squall was included in the thoughts. Here is where my mind meandered today:

Even without a mirror, I see myself every day. Even if I were blind, I’d see myself. The self I see and care about most is not what a mirrored reflection reveals. It’s what I am inside – where only God and I can view and feel it. My breath, the pulsation of blood through my veins, my motives, the hidden emotions…  I feel the serenity of the Holy Spirit living in me. I see a woman at peace. I see a woman struggling at times with the temptations common to all humankind: greed, selfishness, self-centeredness, shortness of temper, anger, envy. But, I see these emotions as only a temporary squall.  They pass. The goodness, the generosity, love, self-control, and gratitude win out. I see the struggle everyday. But ultimately, I see the outcome. The squall passes. Sunshine emerges. Serenity abides.

What do you see everyday? Do you see yourself? Are you in a temporary squall?  It will pass.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I have discovered a new (new to me) blog here at WordPress. It is http://ladybluerose.wordpress.com.  I am thoroughly enjoying the prose and poetry,  pictures and videos of this gentle soul. Please check out one of her latest gifts to us – this video with a wonderful song and phenomenal photos. Let yourself be transported with this link:

The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Eventually I will get back to blogging my poems and stories, but meantime, I am gaining great insights from the thoughts, reflections, and insights of others. Thank you, my blogging friends, for visiting! Keep on writing. Bless You!

If the link above doesn’t take you there, try this one: http://ladybluerose.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving/

Grandma’s House To Stay

I have been busy for the past few weeks with four wonderful grandchildren who came to “Grandma’s House to Stay.” As I get caught up with sheets to wash, beds to change, and energy to refresh, I am enjoying the opportunity to see what my blogging friends have been up to.  Eventually, I’ll catch my breath. Meantime, let me share a poem from “changeindirection,” a WordPress blogger who captured much of what I’m feeling… except that my “GrandAngels” are now teens, so the bubbles have morphed to smartphones and the kites have been exchanged for kayaks. Ah yes, it’s fun!! Check this out:

Grandma’s House To Stay.

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