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Never Hopeless


Stuck in Paris

Doesn’t sound bad?

Headed to see

The family we had

in Sierre, Switzerland.


Air France strike

Cancelled flight.

Trip to Geneva

Out of sight.

Seemed hopeless.


Pray and ask for prayer.

Intervention immediate.

God sent Angel Valerie

From heaven expedient.

Booked on next flight.


Flight was overbooked

But two seats were found.

We weren’t stuck in Paris

Waiting on the ground.

Never feel hopeless!


God is good

All the time.

All the time

God is good.


God’s Beautiful “Gray”ce

Thank God today for His “Gray”ce.

Remember Proverbs 16:31

“Gray hair is a crown of splendor;

It is attained by a righteous life.”

In one of yesterday’s devotionals

The writer shared what she learned

From a box of Clairol.

She deduced that Jesus wants

To bring color when gray takes over.

I think that may be true of

The moods in our gloomy lives,

But not His crown of “Gray”ce

He bestows it to those fortunate

Enough to live into the wisdom of age.

Embrace His beautiful “Gray”ce.

Imagine, my friends, what good you

Can do with that Clairol time and money!

New Life

… the strength of His — ?

How would you finish that?

Here are my notes from Easter Sunday’s sermon.

What does this message say about God’s strength?

When you die, your body is buried.

Life’s circumstances can bury us, too.

But God comes and unburies us.

That’s the Easter story – true.

God grants us peace in Truth.

He promises to save our souls.

He removes the stone that

Seals us from our goals.

I cannot roll the stones away;

They’re too heavy for me to lift.

But Jesus, in His death & resurrection

Opens the sealed. What a gift!

In His death of pain and suffering,

Jesus took our stones of grief.

He opened The Way to joyful life –

He cleared the Path. What a relief!

Life unburied is a new creation.

Christ took the old – rolled it away.

Christ is risen – your old life’s buried.

What will you do with New Life today?

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