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Living in One Accord

(Notes from a sermon based on Romans 8:12-17 delivered by Rev. Jean Johnson. Many of you know, to listen more intently, I take notes on Sunday mornings while listening to the message from the pulpit. Sometimes they are recorded in poetry. Last Sunday was one of those times.)

We all are God’s children.

Some call God, “Our Father.”

But, some folks choose to ignore Him.

They balk and say, “Why bother?”

God speaks to us in Romans,

To us who’ve already heard.

It’s not for the unknowing

Who think the Gospel’s absurd.

Those led by God’s Spirit

Are children of our Lord.

We show our Love and faith

By living in One Accord.

To live in One Accord with God,

We worship, study, love, and pray.

Our witness shows The Spirit

At work in us each day.

We’re living out the reality

Of what already is in us.

Be who you already are

Without works or trouble or fuss.

We used to belong to sin,

But Jesus came to the rescue.

We have reason for joy and acceptance.

Isn’t this Good News to you?

We have assurance of this reality –

This adoption is done, signed and sealed.

We sing praises to God, our Father.

Our case clearly has been appealed.

Knowing God as Father is possible

By Christ’s life, His Word, His death.

That evidence is proof enough;

We affirm it with every breath.

I believe in God, The Father,

In Jesus Christ, my loving Lord.

Thank You for Your Saving Grace.

Now, let us live in One Accord.



Flowers are love gifts

Grown by my Private Gardner

Planted by a friend.

Remember Why


Remember why you came

To this beautiful verdant state;

It wasn’t to change its beauty.

Remember, before it’s too late.



Remember why you came

To this place full of rivers and streams;

It wasn’t to pollute its waters, or to

Drown all its fishermen’s dreams.



Remember why you came

To a place where the antelope roam;

It wasn’t to hunt and to kill them.

They’re precious; so leave them alone!



Remember why you came

To a land free of chaos and clutter;

It wasn’t to leave your footprint,

Nor to complain, rant, and mutter.



Remember why you came

To a small, rural town in this state;

It wasn’t to make it a city,  so please

Stop telling others it’s so great!!

His Sheep

He is our Good Shepherd;

We’re His wayward sheep.

We try our best to follow,

His principles to keep –

But we stray.

He is our Example;

We imitate His way.

We want to walk in His Path,

Be obedient every day –

But we stray.

He’s our Ultimate Pastor;

He guides with Shepherd’s staff.

When we wander off the trail,

He hooks us with knowing laugh –

Stay today!

New Favorite Poet

Check this out … I just discovered this wonderful blog

via Forget Her…

Keep the Light On

For the past two weeks

I’ve spent most of my days

Entertaining an elderly friend

Who’s light’s a dull haze.


She doesn’t know her daughter;

Doesn’t know where she lives;

Can‘t tell you her birthday;

Takes back the things she gives.



She thinks she sees her husband,

But he’s been gone three years.

She searches for her lost things;

Frustration turns to tears.


While I still have my marbles,

And awareness still is keen,

Please keep the light on, God.

Dementia is soooo mean!

analysis blackboard board bubble

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads
— Read on m.facebook.com/ufi/reaction/

Granddaughter, Hope, and our great-grandson, Xander. Precious!



Inside a limited MS body

Lived a Lion-Hearted soul.

When words refused to form

Her smile spoke bright and whole.

Her spirit never faltered

Though her limbs could not obey.

She left behind her courage

When she joined her Lord that day.

She was an inspiration

With her never-ending love.

Now Lion-hearted Karen

Is with her Lord above.

But she hasn’t really left us;

She lives on in everyone

Who had the joy of knowing her.

Oh, she’s dancing with the Son!

God Bless

Karen Claassen

– a true Lion of God!

Perfect Mother’s Day

It wasn’t breakfast

Of eggs and bacon

Served with a smile

While I lie in bed.

It wasn’t brunch

Of eggs benedict

On homemade muffins

With honey and caviar.

It wasn’t dinner

At the Ritz

With choice of menu

And diamond surprises.

It was beautiful roses

Selected with love

From CostCo

And a special card.

It was a warm hug

And a good morning kiss

Delivered from my

Life-long best friend.

It is the best present

A mom can ever receive:

Precious and sincere words

With appreciation from a grateful heart.

Perfect Mother’s Day indeed!



My angel of a daughter

lives in Switzerland.

We had the privilege

of spending three weeks

with her and family

and staying with Denise,

our daughter’s “Mother-in-Love.”

When we arrived

at her lovely maison

in the city of Sierre, Valais,

this angel welcomed us.

Back home after our

memorable, amazing visit

the angel sits in my sanctuary

as a constant reminder

of Denise and her angelic

love  –  and our dear DeDe –

nestled in the faraway Alps.

Oh, that every mother-in-law

might be lovingly known as

an angelic Mother-in-Love!

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