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My angel of a daughter

lives in Switzerland.

We had the privilege

of spending three weeks

with her and family

and staying with Denise,

our daughter’s “Mother-in-Love.”

When we arrived

at her lovely maison

in the city of Sierre, Valais,

this angel welcomed us.

Back home after our

memorable, amazing visit

the angel sits in my sanctuary

as a constant reminder

of Denise and her angelic

love  –  and our dear DeDe –

nestled in the faraway Alps.

Oh, that every mother-in-law

might be lovingly known as

an angelic Mother-in-Love!

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  1. I’m truly blessed to have you for a lovely/loving mother and Denise for a mother-in-love! I love my life!!!!

  2. You can’t imagine what a comfort it is to a mom when her only daughter is soooo far away, but she writes, “I love my life!” I am so grateful. Thanks for sharing this with your dear Mother-in-Love, DeDe.

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