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Keep the Light On

For the past two weeks

I’ve spent most of my days

Entertaining an elderly friend

Who’s light’s a dull haze.


She doesn’t know her daughter;

Doesn’t know where she lives;

Can‘t tell you her birthday;

Takes back the things she gives.



She thinks she sees her husband,

But he’s been gone three years.

She searches for her lost things;

Frustration turns to tears.


While I still have my marbles,

And awareness still is keen,

Please keep the light on, God.

Dementia is soooo mean!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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  1. I’m glad she has a loved one such as you, Jan. May your light remain a beacon for many years to come.

  2. I’m SO grateful you still have your marbles in tact! Yes, dementia is ruthless and mean. Teaches the people around the one inflicted the meaning of patience!

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