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Make Me An Instrument

Make Me An Instrument

The words to the song below were written in honor of a dear, talented, generous, Montana friend, Larry Zabel, who went to his eternal home last month. I will try to post a video with the words so that you can hear the tune and words. Keep in mind, it’s an amateur video sung by a Grammy whose voice used to be soprano… I try it in both octaves, just so you can choose which one fits your voice. Be forgiving, dear blogging friends!

Larry leaves behind a legacy of service to our Lord through his hands working magic on canvas. He was truly an instrument of Our Master, showing the majesty of God’s creation and the wonder of God’s people. I am thankful for his many artistic donations which enabled the work of dozens of civic organizations. God’s love exploded from Larry’s heart, palette and brushes onto his canvasses.

Another dear and talented Ennis friend, Gerry Gerron, painted a portrait of Larry Zabel. He will donate it to hang in our beautiful Madison Valley Medical Center. The work of many artists has been enhanced by the talents and inspiration of Larry, who so generously gave of himself. Gerry’s rendering of Larry is one example of how that inspiration plays itself out. The song/poem below is my small offering toward keeping that legacy alive and honoring the man who did so much in his lifetime to be God’s instrument.


Verse 1:

If I can be a student in my Master’s schools,
If I could be a vessel to carry Love’s Views,
If I could be a light to shine His Good News,
Then my life will not be in vain.


Lord, make me an instrument in Your hands,
Make me an instrument in Your hands,
Make me an instrument in Your hands,
And my life will not be in vain.

Verse 2:

If I can be a beacon to show His Way,
If I can be a shoulder to end a friend’s dismay,
If I can be a fountain, His love to spray,
Then my life will not be in vain.


Verse 3:

If I can be the arms to lighten someone’s load,
If I can be the path to show a friend The Road,
If I can be a spark to help His Love explode,
Then my life will not be in vain.



(Video with the tune in my next posting)

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  1. What a wonderful post in memory of an amazing ‘instrument’. Your song here is incredible, and is another work of art that I shall print off to add to my memorized inner library 🙂 Visiting your delightful blog always brightens my day. Bless your heart! Love, Gina

  2. What a great tribute!

  3. May we all leave behind a legacy of loving as Christ loved and then our lives will not be in vain. Great song and tribute!

    • Thank you for the kind words. I will try t get the video of the tune posted so you can hear the song. You have to imagine someone with a great voice singing it!

  4. I have the video, but for whatever reason, I have not been able to post it. Maybe it’s too long? The song lasts about 3 minutes. Or maybe you are just supposed to be spared the listening… you’ll just have to make up your own tune. I need to move on to another topic and get on with it… In case you were just waiting to hear the song sung, Sorry!

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