Loving One Another

When first I met her, I was struck by how pretty she was. After I spent some quality time with her and we became better acquainted, I saw that her inner self was even more beautiful than the exterior. Both are gorgeous. She is a complete package. But, she doesn’t seem to understand that. Somehow, when she was very young and vulnerable, too much attention was put on her big blue eyes, her lovely blond hair, and her developing curves. Maybe she was physically abused by a person she thought she could trust. I don’t know. But, mental abuse had to have occurred. She seems to resent her outer beauty – or at least she appears not appreciate or trust it. “Don’t take my picture,” she insists. “Don’t mention my beauty, it’s not who I am.” She’s right, of course. Each of us is so much more than what people see on the outside. Being “cute” doesn’t carry the same connotation as “beautiful.” “Cute” never made me self-conscious. “Cute” rarely turns anyone on. “Cute” doesn’t give me yoke to carry. My beautiful friends have taught me that it’s hard to be considered gorgeous. They’ve taught me to look deep inside and see the special person beyond the clothes, beyond the skin, beyond the self-consciousness. See the heart. See the hurt. See the deeply rooted need to be appreciated for more than the attributes inherited. Love your neighbor? Yes, but show that love by calling attention to what makes your friend special deep within – in the places most people never stop long enough to notice. I love who you are, my friend!

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