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Love Your Neighbor

Life is all about LOVE. Love your neighbor as yourself. That’s the greatest commandment. On this blog I will record each day at least one thing I do to demonstrate how I remember to “Love My Neighbor” AND something I do to “Love Myself.” Today I begin with a healthy lunch: lettuce, a small bit of smoked salmon, 1/4 of a sliced cucumber, a little goat cheese and some tasty basil flavored olive oil from Olivelle (my favorite Bozeman, MT store). Now I am headed to go be a Senior Companion to a client who has difficulty getting around. I’ll sweep and mop her little apartment – and cheer her with a few quotes from my latest book, “Aging with Attitude” – subtitle: “Better than Dying with Dignity.” I’m off to provide a little help, a lotta cheer, and a hug or two. See ya tomorrow, my friends.

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  1. Hey Jan, so glad to see you here. You are such a living example of your faith, an encouragement to others’ talents and live paths, and a very good friend. Lilie

    • I love your “food for thought,” Lilie. Bob & I had a wonderful conversation about this whole topic of intentionality, predators, discernment vs, judgement. Deep. Thanks!

  2. loved the feel of the bubbling energy…and the aroma of the smoked salmon !
    Following with eagerness !

    • Excuse me for not responding earlier to your positive comments regarding my “Love Your Neighbor” posting. Your post ended up in my spam folder for some reason – and I am just now discovering it! Your recognition of my “bubbling energy” has renewed it!! I am ready to brew up another thoughtful blog ;o)

      • I’m glad u got my msgs !! Some snag with WP most of my comments to fellow bloggers are going in spam !!!
        It’s always fun to read you !!

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