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Back in April of 21012, when I first started blogging, I posted this…
Today I was looking at old posts, trying to find photos I can erase to make room for the new.
I noticed that back in those days, I had few (if any) followers.
This post had zero likes… probably zero views… but it is still there – and…
It is worthy of a second look. I know that beautiful (inside and out) friend…
I have met other friends like her since then.

Today I posted “Embrace Blogging Friends,” and you, my dear reader, are one.
You are the faithful reader who has encourages me, nearly ten years later, to keep on.
You make like special. You are special. Thank you for loving me here at WP.
Thank you for encouraging me,
Thank you for being you.

Click on that title now… it deserves a couple of reads, I think!



Comments on: "Special Friends Make Life Special" (10)

  1. I don’t see a title to click on….?


  2. So happy that I can connect with you here.

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  3. Jan, it’s always a pleasure to visit and read one of your posts. I am looking forward to reading your older post, but as Sunny De pointed out, there is no active link. Fortunately, I might look for another post from the past.

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    • Thank you! I am sorry no link showed up. I hope you can go on my blog and scroll down to the April 2012 place and find those initial posts that occurred before I learned to format & add photos, but the concepts were sound!

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  4. Your blogging friends are well deserved.

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