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Embrace Blogging Friends

I found this in my draft folder… Not on my site. How did that happen? (So, I am reposting it in case you missed it earlier)

How do you embrace your blogging friends? Sure, you can send them virtual hugs, but to embrace also means “to include.” Not just to grasp in your arms. It means “to adopt or take up.” Bob & I have adopted Jackie & Derrick Knight! We included them in our travels to England- and they graciously included us in their lives for three fun-filled days. You’re jealous, I know!

Now, when I go to Derrick Knight’s posts, I see their garden and the ponies, donkeys, and pigs in 3-D!! I feel the Knight’s hugs. I smell the sea snd feel the rocks on the shore at Milford On Sea! I have one of those pebbles here in Montana now. 👌🏽😍

Now that we’re home, I am reliving our European trip and it’s highlights in London, Downton, and Switzerland. I am grateful to friends who traveled vicariously with us on FB. I was unable to post photos here because my WP album was full. But, now I am busy erasing old photos and making room for more. I need you to reach out and “Embrace our Blogging friends” with me! Enjoy! Ah, the memories! So endearing!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Derrick & Jackie. You are wonderful!!!

Jan – so grateful to Derrick & his blog
Derrick & Jackie in their kitchen
Feeling Jackie’s hugs for real!
Visiting their garden under an umbrella
Jan & Bob with Derrick at Milford On Sea
Enjoying Jackie’s food for real

Time to travel around and see the donkeys, horses, swans, pigs, etc … all those roaming free animals Derrick & Jackie have shown us in the past … was amazing! Now when I see them on my computer screen I can feel them. I can smell them. I can place them in the context of their home and their drives through the forest. Ah, there’s nothing like being there!!

Embrace blogging friends/ open your heart and your home/ Mine’s open for you!

This heart-shaped leaf
in Derrick & Jackie’s garden
sums it up!

Love personified/ Gift of hospitality / Nothing can beat it!

Come travel tomorrow with De, Bob & me back to London for a day before flying on to Geneva and then Sierre and Vissoie – De’s home in Switzerland. Thanks for visiting with us on-line! I hope if you ever decide to take a trip to Montana – snd enjoy Yellowstone National Park, you will contact us and let us embrace you fir real at our home in Ennis. Yellowstone tone’is only an hour away!

See you tomorrow (God willing)

Love, JanBeek

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  1. Dana Pulliam said:

    What a wunnerful joy for you! 💛😍

  2. I love all you adventures Jan! What a wonderful trip you had and a great visit with Derrick and Jackie!

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