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Scared of Getting Older?

Do we have an obsession with image? More concerned about the outside than the inside? As a nation… as a world?

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Are you fed up with it? Do you feel it is robbing us of our sense of purpose and our wisdom?

These are some questions I gleaned from Scilla Elworthy, the elderly South African woman in the Ted Talk above:

Are you fully alive in your body? Do you have energy and attractiveness in your soul? Are you content with what is? Can you remove the mask, let the wrinkles show, and still like yourself?

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Self-acceptance is a great, great gift!

Obsession with image is tiring… Yes, I believe that!

What makes you feel electric? Does the world see your energy? Do you have real aliveness?

Health, exercise, purpose, usefulness… those are the keys!

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Many people struggle to find purpose in life. Scilla Elworthy said, “Most people fear pain and loneliness.”

We worry about what will happen when we are no longer able to care for ourselves and must rely on other people.

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Dementia is a real fear for me. My mother was diagnosed with it before she died. My sister is in a home today – a nursing home – being cared for because she has Alzheimer’s. It is in my family. Is it in my future? I cannot dwell on that! I must live in the NOW and love myself so I can love others. The keys are:

  • gratitude,
  • prayer and meditation,
  • time in nature… being outside with things that are alive
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What about death? It is inevitable. Approach it with curiosity. Think through it. Know that death is not finality.

What are the gains of growing older? We can speak out! Dare to speak up about those things that we think are wrong! Stand up for those things! Make a contribution by making a difference – by being true to ourselves.

Know that with age comes wisdom. Wise, experienced leaders are a gift to the world. As we age, we can be that older, wiser person who sees beyond the horizon. The world need us!

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But age and wisdom are not synonymous. Wisdom does not come automatically. We can’t live in a foxhole and gain wisdom. We need to go out and risk adventure. Risk rebuke. Risk the world hating you. We need to be true to ourselves as we lift our heads to what is happening around us and seek the solutions to the challenges we all face. We can’t be ostriches with our head in the sand.

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A friend of mine said she has decided that the best way to avoid dissension is just to avoid having an opinion. “I try to remain totally objective – with no opinion expressed. Opinions just garner arguments,” she said.

We can’t let ourselves live in that kind of fear! Avoidance invites stagnation.

“Whoever is free from all fear will always be safe,” Scilla Elworthy said in the Ted Talk above. So, we must let go of any fear we have of speaking out.

What do you care about? What’s your opinion about aging? Let’s hear it!!

Derrick told me I earned every wrinkle.
I told him, “… and every silver hair, too!”

I’m not afraid of growing older.
Just don’t call me old!!
See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Scared of Getting Older?" (23)

  1. Wonderful post!

  2. Beautifully said Jan… I dreaded becoming 40… it arrived and it was great… I dreaded becoming 50… Wow…. Did I love my 50’s…. then came the big Six O….. WOW…. I felt so, SO Good…. Four more years to my next Decade… and Bring It On….. 🙂
    Age is all in the mind…. We are forever Young when you know you have nothing at all to Fear.. 🙂
    Love and HUGE hugs Jan…. Loved your post .. <3

    • Thank you for the comment, {{{Sue}}} – I’m glad to hear you have embraced your birthdays. 80 is a great decade so far, too!! I figure getting older is a gift… and each birthday becomes more special. Bring ’em on!!! <3

  3. PS…. and YES the World needs You, and All the Wise Women and Men it can muster.. 🙂

  4. Age has never been an issue for me. My whole life my Mom would say, “it’s just a number.” She is such a great example of being who she is at every stage of life. My focus is on living and sharing the Good News. Blessings!

  5. Hi Jan, thanks for guiding me to your blog through your kind comments.
    I absolutely love this post and the message you are sharing.
    That is an awful lot of money, spent on outside appearances. I didn’t realize it happens so often. If there is a medical condition, then I understand the necessity of for example an eyelid lift (sorry, English is not my native language, so I hope I’m getting everything right 😉 ). But to try and duplicate the image one is supposed to have, due to the magazines, then no!
    I’m 57 now and take good care of myself, my skin –have been doing that all of my life– but that’s it. The energy, the spark, the joy of being alive, of sharing your days and nights with loved ones, with family and friends, that is indeed the real attraction.
    You’ve uplifted my day. Thank you.

    • I’m so glad my blog uplifted you, Marion. I try to write posts that reflect my positive take on life, love, Faith, and family … praying it will help others think more positively, too. Your comment makes me smile 😆 Thank you!

  6. Such a fine analysis. Age has made me readjust my physical abilities which has been the hardest aspect.

  7. Always love your musings Jan. I’m so proud of my mum who is showing us to grow old gracefully the best one can. Her faith like your own keeps her strong and faces all that seems to come on her path, health wise! I have watched many of our older (80/90’s) family die with dementia and feel it is a natural part of returning to the light… slowly forgetting our human experience… dying in dignity knowing we distil all the wisdom and compassion and keep it with eternally with us.
    Sending you love Jan, Barbara x

    • I really appreciate that take in Dementia! A nice way to look at it 😍 But I want to keep my mind active and functioning as long as possible. I’ll be ecstatic when the medical community comes up with a remedy that works to keep the brain alert until death. 👍🏽❤️

      • Being happy, no worries and enjoying life in all its facets, will insure your mind stays as sweet as you Jan❤️ It is when we become concerned and persist in doing, to resist the natural inevitable… we give pressure to our mind, taking away our Divine freedom🥰
        I’ve read a lot about Alzheimer’s but cannot recall it all now, I will look up my findings, but what comes up is people who suffer from this, all ages have not found peace from within❤️🥰

      • Hmmm… that’s an interesting distinction. Peace within … a must for a lifetime of love and contentment, joy, and fulfilled purpose. I believe it! 👍🏽❤️

  8. Jan, we are just more mature than the general population. I earned every bit of my graying hair, and there is a sense of calmness and peace which comes with it.

  9. This is such a wonderful post. 🙂 Really appreciate your insight and wisdom, Jan!

    • Thank you! I am glad it spoke to you. Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment. Come back again soon! <3 Have a Shalom Week <3

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