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Walk the Talk

My 2020 resolution is to “Walk the Talk.” It is a daily commitment. What was your 2020 resolution?

Try to “Walk the Talk.”
Try to live your commitments.
Express them daily.

Today I walked with my TOPS friends. Here are two of them with me: Cherrie & Jeannie. We walked in our Lion’s Club Park. Did a lot of talking as we walked. Tried to solve all the world’s problems!

Valais, Switzerland

No, this isn’t my walking path… it’s my daughter, DeAna’s, in Sierre, Switzerland. She walks this trail up into the Alps – often joined by one or two of her three sons. Yesterday she sent this photo. Our grandson, Chris, was her walking partner.

DeAna “walked the talk” with Chrissy as they navigated the trail on the terraced mountainsides and enjoyed the outdoor time together.

Here is DeAna, our daughter, with her new haircut.
No, she’s not in Paris. That’s just her “photo op!”


And before that haircut:

She says she’d like to be on a tropical island!
I’d say being in Switzerland is not a bad option!

Today De’s walk was with Christine, a friend who was one of their waitresses for almost 20 years in the restaurant they once owned on main street in Sierre.

Christine – on the balcony overlooking the Swiss valley

Half way up the Alps from their city is a beautiful little place called Vissoie, De and Andre’ have purchased a new restaurant… new to them, but with a long history in this Alpine village.

It has that typical Swiss chalet appearance with a hotel attached above and on the right. They take possession in October, I think.

Isn’t this an inviting spot? As they plan for this new venture, they get to “Walk the Talk” of trust. Trust that this pandemic world will not always keep people sequestered and afraid to go out and dine together. Trust that the people of Vissoie and the surrounding communities will accept them and frequent their dining hall. Trust that visitors will stay in their hotel.

My prayers are with them, of course, as I encourage them in this exciting new time on their lives.

Lion’s Club Park, Ennis, Montana

As my lady friends and I walked the trail in our beautiful park, we talked about family, commitments, future events, the racial injustice that is sparking protests all over the USA, and the COVID-19 situation that is far from over.

My goal is encouragement and positivity. I share my faith here on WordPress, and I share the Source of my Joy with my walking friends.

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Follow the sunshine
Follow the Almighty Son
Joy’s in commitment

Walk the Talk!
And be grateful for where you are!!

See ya tomorrow.
Have a Blessed Wednesday.


Comments on: "Walk the Talk" (12)

  1. Sunny De said:

    Awwwww momma!!! Thank you SO much for your encouragement! Every day we are getting validation from friends that this restaurant/relais will be successful. Thank you for keeping us in your daily prayers. I love you SO much!!!!!

    • Yes, we are so very hopeful for you. You’ve experienced the ups and downs of owning and running your own, working for others, and not working. You have a heart full of ideas to make this work. We pray for your success every day, my dear! <3 <3

      • Sunny De said:

        Well, we’ve run our own restaurants for many years but have never been owners! That’s so exciting for us! We’re very hopeful for the future. Love you, momma! ❤️

      • I don’t remember. Maybe to be with whatever is.
        Love, light and glitter

      • You owned the restaurant, Le Rothorn; you just didn’t own the building it was in! This time around you get the whole sheebang!! It’s a great opportunity. I have faith that it will be a wonderful move for you! <3 God bless you, dear DeDe. <3 and Andre' <3

      • Sunny De said:

        Well, we owned the things that were in it but not the walls and floors so we couldn’t change them when we wanted. It’ll definitely be different this time around! Can’t wait to get going on it!!!!

      • I am so glad you’re enthused. I feel your excitement and share your joy! <3

  2. Your daughter is lovely, and what a beautiful walk you took us on Jan… both along the trails and to give us something to think about… I give thanks for being born when I was born… after the war, and in relative peace during my lifetime…
    We have walked far over the years upon many roads, each destination leading us to new experiences…

    This walk we are on right now is but another road, another curve, in which humanity has to adapt, and learn to navigate… Let us hope Jan my friend as continue our own walk we can use our Talk to help teach others there is no room for hate along a future trail… Let our talk help others understand the road of Love… Of Unity and of Oneness… May the book of love enter all who have the courage to read their hearts..

    Beautiful post Jan…. just loved it… Sending you hugs across the ocean… and much more love <3

    • Welcome back to the blogging world after a brief break from posting. Happy to have you back, Sue. Thank you for popping in on JanBeek and for your affirming comment. Like you, I hope others can grasp the idea that there is no room for hate along our future trail. Hugs back atcha!! <3

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