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We Need Guardian Angels

Protection needed!
Our guardian angels are
Working overtime.

Surround yourself with
The love of family and friends:
Your loving angels.

My friend, Maria Mendoza, gave these cuties to me.

Angels all around
Reach out to bring you comfort.
We all need them now!

Sanctuary lights
Highlight the angelic tones –
Angels softly play.

My mother-in-law created these Faberge’-like eggs

Angels sweetly pray
For your safety and wellness.
I pray for you, too.

Seven represents
God’s number for completion.
Seven angels sing.

This glass angel is a gift from Toni Bowen.
She was here in this room before we bought this house.

Social distancing
Suggests we sit far apart –
Stand six feet away.

This ancient tiny bowl and antique carved angel with accordion are gifts from a friend in Germany

Sit in your own bowl
And do not touch anything;
Stay isolated!

Carry your concerns
Like your heart in open hands –
But wash them often.

My daughter’s mother-in-love, Denise Solioz,
gave us this darling flute-playing angel.

Like the Pied Piper,
Be an angel with a flute.
Compassion plays here.

This lovely angel was among many in a box my mother left behind.
She bought every angel in her nursing home’s gift shop before she died.
I gave most of them away in her memory to the friends in her care facility.
This, the largest of the collection, I kept as a reminder.
BettyDeA believed in angels!
She sits at the top of the circle staircase…
guarding my daily coming and going.

We all need angels
To guard coming and going
In this Virus-age.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

The winds of change blow.
The Virus changes our world.
Hang tight to angels.

Don’t let fear freeze you.
Live in deep faith and courage.
What goodness will come?

With factories closed,
Air is clearing in China.
People create new.

New ways of thinking;
New ways of doing old things.

Gratitude for the
Things we saw as common-place,
Like simple touching.

Photo by Kristin De Soto on Pexels.com

Arenas where we gather
For sports or speeches.

Thankfulness for the
Opportunity to dance
With wild abandon.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now authorities,
Closing our business and schools,
Keep us from living.

We remind ourselves
It is for our greater good.
What about our jobs?

What about our plans
To travel for marriages
Or for funerals?

Our vacation plans –
Things we paid for months ago –
All of them cancelled.

In the midst of this,
Can our angels show to us
The good that’s coming?

Will our guardians
Show us tomorrow’s bright hope
In sorrow’s dark midst?

Photo by Retha Ferguson on Pexels.com

Calling All Angels!
We need your guardianship;
Save us from the doom.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

What are your thoughts
about what’s happening with this Coronavirus –
and what ideas can you share
about how we can be
each others’ guardian angels?

Let me hear from you.
What’s happening in your part of the world?

Comments on: "We Need Guardian Angels" (13)

  1. What a beautiful collection your Mother created and gave away… Showing her love and appreciation for others who cared..

    Love the egg she created.. and your poem… So apt… woven with truth… My daughter rang us today, she works in a health food store she and her partner own… They are getting more people through their doors, but also the risk she said of her passing something onto us is on her mind.. So she is not visiting for a while…

    Life is going to change, has changed… But we cannot be fearful and call upon the Love and Light of our guardian angels… All is as it should be.. A cleansing perhaps! but it seems our age group is the most vulnerable..

    So you take care Jan… Our British Government hasn’t gone as far as others… We are told to self isolate if we have a temperature or cough …

    Schools are still open here… But many sporting fixtures are closing…
    I TRUST… I AM Healthy!!… I AM certain I will remain Healthy…

    We need to collectively Send our Healing into the World… The Power of our Prayers is Huge..

    Love and Blessings my friend.. <3

    • Yes, the power of prayer is HUGE. Bee well, my friend. Thank you for your lovely comment. I appreciate the response… and will certainly keep you and your loved ones in my prayers. <3

  2. this is beautiful Jan. I love to visualize myself and family protected by God’s white light and angels surrounding us.

  3. Jan, Ohio has been taking steps during this entire week. Schools are closing for three weeks. Events with more than 100 people are prohibited, except for religious services. Most colleges are closed, switching to online instruction. Testing is just beginning to ramp up, and we 13 tested positive as of today.

    • Thank you for your report, Richard. I’m glad to hear that Ohio is being smartly proactive. God bless you and keep you safe & healthy.

  4. Those angels are beautiful and I enjoyed reading their stories. 💖

    • Thank you. I love being surrounded by them up here in my sanctuary.

      • Your sanctuary is so beautiful, Jan. My daughter is at university now, so I’ve asked her if I can use her room, when she’s not at home, as a sanctuary and she agreed. It’s an attic room with a spiral staircase like the one you have, but our view from the window is not as beautiful as yours. Yours has really inspired me.

      • Hooray for you! You’ll love having your own private space free from distractions. God bless you & your daughter.

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