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Calling All Sinners!!

Calling All Sinners!!
Yup, my friends – that’s me.
Yesterday I really screwed up;
Of course, not intentionally.

We sinners never mean to
Cross over the kindness line
Into lack of compassion.
We don’t commit sin by design!

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So when we sinners mess up,
As God knows we always do,
How do we learn to forgive ourselves?
Does this happen, my friend, to you?

Yesterday’s “Today in the Word”
by the Moody Bible Institute,
dealt with this subject
right when I needed it most.
The scripture for the day was:

“For I have not come
to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Matthew 9:13

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What do I need to let go of?
What did I do that was so bad?
I made Bob feel like a burden
Instead of making him feel glad.

I was mad that he left me
At the church without a word.
He was that mad that I left him.
Now, isn’t that absurd?

It’s all about communication.
Yes, I know, he should have said
“Hey Honey, let’s go home now,”
But he just left instead.

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Yup, we butted heads over
The slightest misunderstanding.
I found another way home.
Oops… that was a crash landing!

He’d only gone to the post office
And then he came back to get me.
I didn’t know where he had gone
And his absence really upset me.

Earlier he had wanted some help
On a simple music interpretation task.
I was in the middle of something else
And irritably made him sorry he’d asked.

Today we’re back to talking
In civilian tones to each other.
Yesterday’s behind us; we’ll forget
How we rankled one another.

But making peace ain’t easy
When you’ve crossed the kindness line.
We hate to admit we’re wrong.
But repentance helps us align.

Align our will to our loving call
To be responsive to each need
Expressed by those around us.
That’s our call, our mission. Agreed?

“Let love be genuine,
Abhor what is evil;
Hold fast to what is good.”

Romans 12:9

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In my devotional yesterday, “All God’s Creatures” by Guideposts,
the writer, Jerusha Agen, reminded me of the importance
that unconditional love be exhibited. She wrote about
“Simon’s Love” telling about a cat who acted like a dog.

Jerusha’s favorite pet had died.
It was the first time in her life
She was without a dog to cuddle.
But her cat took away the strife.

Her cat started acting like a dog,
Meeting her at the door when she got home,
And sitting in her lap to comfort her.
Letting her brush him with a comb!

Her cat, Simon, knew to mourn with her.
Simon seemed to know what she needed.
In grief, Jerushah had been neglecting him,
But Simon forgave that sin; with joy conceded.

Photo by Tomas Ryant on Pexels.com

“Rejoice and mourn with others,
According to what they need,”
Jerusha wrote to her readers.
Ask Bob for forgiveness – with speed!

I’ll ask God to help me be more
Loving and responsive to Bob.
Help me with my impatience, Lord.
Help me show genuine love to my heart-throb!


Here’s my heart-throb when I met him
He was in the army at the time.
Happy Veteran’s Day on Saturday.
Ours is a long-term love sublime.

That doesn’t mean we don’t argue
Or make each other mad at times.
But, God tells us sinners to forgive…
Just as He does – ALWAYS, not just sometimes!

You can probably relate to my “Faux Pas” –
You’ve probably blundered some, too.
But, God is calling us sinners:
Let love fill the dog-shaped void in you!

Let forgiveness be your guiding star,
Since we all forget to be compassionate – ’tis true.
I’ll look for ways to show love like Simon.
And God’s calling you, my dear sinner, too!!

God bless You!


Can you just kiss and make up, too??!!

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Comments on: "Calling All Sinners!!" (14)

  1. Fran McNeill said:

    Oh Jan! It’s hard to be human with all our frailties and foibles. Hoping for all good things and love for both of you πŸ’•

  2. Jan, I love the authenticity of this post. Indeed, we all are sinners and it’s hard to ask for forgiveness. Most things worth doing can be difficult but so worth it. Sending hugs through the internet to you and Bob. πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    There is so much wisdom and truth in this blog. We’ve all been victims of misunderstanding. We all need help from each other . We should never feel like a burden. We can all benefit from a reminder to be better listeners, more patient with each other, forgiving and loving. Sending warm thoughts and virtual hugs to you and DadBee!

  4. “I was mad that he left me
    At the church without a word.
    He was that mad that I left him.
    Now, isn’t that absurd?”
    What a good thing this wasn’t 60 years ago. πŸ™‚

  5. Awww Jan… So loved this whole post…. Misunderstandings can cause havoc… But True Love always shines through no matter what we did to make our other halves mad…
    The test of a true Marriage is meeting each other half way… Seeing our own faults and forgiving them in others… To which I would say you both did..

    And loved the story about the cat too…
    Sending Love and HUGS and Loved your sealed it with a Kiss…

    Sending HUGS dearest Jan.. xx <3

  6. A beautiful and wise post! Forgiveness is a much lighter burden to carry than a grudge!

  7. We’ve all been there. Love finds a way to always forgive and heal. Blessings Jan to both of you.

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