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Something Good

Something wonderful
Something good
All God’s blessings
Not always understood

Keeping eyes open
For ways we are blessed
Sometimes they come to us
In difficult tests

brown and white bear plush toy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The blog I accidentally deleted
Explained how this teddy bear
With all its bandaged boo-boos
Hid triumphant scars under there

Something good happens
When healing of wounds is complete
I hope something good happens
Today to you and those you meet

Storm clouds may come and gather
You might anticipate a growing storm
But God will send you rainbows
And the sun to keep you warm

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

God will send you beauty
In the skies and on the land
Look for His surprises everywhere
Many of them really are quite grand

It’s hunting season here in Montana
So the deer and antelope are convinced
If they come here to our yard
They’re protected as if they’re fenced

Something good happened here today
The doe and the buck stuck around
I enjoyed their company – you would, too
Shhh… don’t scare them. Don’t make a sound!

They see me; they hear my steps
Off they go – but they’ll return
Good things happen here
You’re safe, my friends. Come and learn!

photo of a deer midair
Photo by Filip Nasaly on Pexels.com

What can we learn from our animals?
Go where you’re protected and free
I’ll watch out for your best interests
And I bet you’ll watch out for me

God has blessed you, I know
What’s something good
that happened to you today?
Did you thank God for it? (I knew you would!)


I’ve always loved the song,
“Something Beautiful.”
If you have time,
click on it here
and enjoy this beautiful music.

It’s “Something Good” for you today!!

Comments on: "Something Good" (12)

  1. Beautiful Jan. Love the deer in your yard. You are a safe haven for all!

  2. Derrick Knight said:

    Your post is full of somethings good

  3. Indeed, this post is filled with good things – thank you!

  4. Great post!
    What a cute deer! I am glad he found protection in your yard.

  5. Your poem is so light and full of hope and brightness and love. So glad I am following you, Jan!

  6. It looks like the autumn season is treating you and Bob well. I hope he doesn’t work too hard with those fallen leaves. Colleen loves teddy bears so your inclusion of one healing up is a special treat . . . just like your overtime work in publishing this post. Thanks Jan.

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