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Lost: Triumphant Scars

One should not lose sleep over lost blogs, right?
But here I am … sleepless in Montana … feeling very disgruntled.
I wrote this blog titled “Triumphant Scars” and posted it, but then I received a notice that the draft was not posted. I knew I had finished and posted it… and many of you dear readers left lovely comments.
So, I deleted the unfinished draft. Figured I didn’t need it.

Well, my friends, if you have both JetPack and WordPress, BEWARE!!

JetPack did not acknowledge the completed post, and when I erased the draft, I lost the post.
Does that make sense? No!!
Below is all that is left of my carefully crafted post about Eli and his “Triumphant Scars.“

…He showed them [scars on] His hands and sides.
Then the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.”

John 20:20




Those x’s are what I put in to save room for text when I went from my phone (where I started the post because that’s where the pictures were) to my laptop where I completed the entry. I used lovely illustrations of why Eli’s scars (and yours and mine, too) are triumphant by quoting a very thoughtful and inspiring commentary in Guideposts “Mornings With Jesus.”

The bottom line: Jesus’ scars on his hands, feet and sides are proof of healing. His death and resurrection allows us, His followers, to be healed of our sins and look forward to eternity. Our scars, both the visible and the invisible ones, are proof of our healing, too. They are Triumphant Scars. That was the message.

Alas, I discovered when I deleted the draft in JetPack, I also deleted my finished post and the only thing I could retrieve in “Trash” was what you see above, the scripture, the photos and the x’s. Do any of you dear readers have any advice for me? I am so disgruntled that I’ve taken a break from blogging since then. Did you miss me? I need to get out of this funk.

Th good news is: Eli is home and recuperating from his surgery. His mom & dad and three sisters are in my daily prayers along with his grandma, Donna (whose blog, “The Father’s Feet” is where I met Eli). I hope you are continuing to pray for Eli, too.

This has been a miserable way to learn “Do Not Delete it when JetPack says your published WordPress post is still in draft form.” I’ve gotta get outta this funk and back to my positive self spreading love, joy, peace, faith and unity on JanBeek. And I’ve gotta get some sleep. This is no way to live.


I’ll be OK.


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  1. Fran McNeill said:

    Already added him and family to my prayers. Thank you Jan!

  2. YES! I will pray for Eli. What a brave and sweet young man he must be:)

  3. Thanks Sue.

  4. ((Jan)) thank you so much. This s
    Is such a beautiful post. I appreciate your time, tears and prayers. I thank God for you. It means so much to our family. Much live.

  5. Such wisdom from the little boy

  6. Love and healing sent out to Eli dear Jan.. What a brave little boy.. And such trauma for him and his family to go through..
    A beautiful heartfelt post Jan, and I do hope that all your scars are Triumphant ones..
    Sending love and Blessings to you xx <3 xx

  7. Sending healing prayers and love to Eli and his family. May his scars and yours be signs of triumph and strength!

  8. I am praying for Eli and his family. Blessings, Jan!
    P.S. Have you tried contacting WordPress Support? I once had Jetpack ask me to delete a post from WordPress. Don’t do it.

  9. Technology. Pfffftttt. Don’t care how smart or how dumb you are, it always finds a way to trip you when your walking. Or blogging. Bless Eli — he looks like his bright attitude will bring him through just fine!

  10. Jan, blessings for sharing this post. When we witness God at work in others’ lives, it strengthens our faith as well. As for JetPack, I am happy with just plain ol’ WordPress. It’s never a good day when one has to struggle with technology.

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