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Recommended Books

Today’s prompt was:
What book are you reading right now?

Haha!! No, I’m not isolated…
And no, I didn’t color three books…
Only two!!

person coloring art with crayons
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

No, seriously,
The question should have been “What bookS…”
I can never limit myself to just one at a time!
I love reading!

So, what bookS am I currently reading?
Let me list a few:

  1. The Bible (always … daily)
  2. Devotionals that help me understand better and apply the Bible lessons to my life:
    a. In Touch by Charles Stanley
    b. Ever Faithful by David Jeremiah
    c. Mornings with Jesus and Walking in Grace and Strength & Grace by Guideposts
    d. Today in the Word by Moody Bible Institute
    e. These Days by Presbyterian Publishing Corp.
  3. The Last Caretaker: A Novel by Jessica Strawser

I have Jessica Strawser’s book on my Kindle reader. I prefer having a paperback or better yet, the hardcover book, but Kindle books are so affordable – – – and I can enlarge the print to make deciphering easier. So I am getting used to reading from my laptop. The Last CareTaker is a gripping story about a lady who agrees to be the caretaker at a remote nature preserve, but finds herself in the throes of a secretive shelter for battered, abused, and at-risk women. I’m enjoying it.

How about you? What bookS are you reading right now?

Bye for now…
I’m off to read some more.

(Oh, and by the way,
Happy Birthday to my mom.
Elizabeth (Betty)Totten DeAngeles
She would have been 108 today!)

Here we are when I was about 2 or 3.
Quite the hairdo, huh?


Comments on: "Recommended Books" (18)

  1. Sweet photo of you and your mom! I am reading Under the Tamarind Tree by fellow blogger Rosaliene Bacchas. It is a very interesting and intriguing story set in Ghana.

  2. 1) Bible every day:) 2)Nonfiction book-Hidden Manna on a Country Road by Sarah Geringer. 3)Fiction-The Royal Diaries-Anastasia-The Last Grand Duchess

  3. Glad you are not isolated lol… and Oh… you are cleverer than I…. I can only read One book at a time… 🙂 😉 lol
    I just finished a book today as it happens Jan… and it was a good read..
    Winters Daughter by Val Wood, set in the 1850’s… Set in England in Harbour Town of Hull… showing the poverty of the day..

    Oh and I LOVE that photos and Hairdo 🙂 Sending HUGS xx <3

  4. Such a beautiful photo with your mother 🥰. The last caretaker seems a very good book. Thank you . I too read 3 or 4 books . Sometimes one of them takes the back seat. I am reading The Country of the Blind by Andrew Leland and Courting Hindustan by Madhur Gupta. I am listening to a Kannada book called Parva by S L Byrappa in Storytel. Regards, Lakshmi

    • Thank you, Lakshmi, for sharing. Like you, sometimes one or two books take a back seat to the one I get hooked on. What’s the last book that you read that “hooked you” in to abandoning the others until you finished that one that captivated you?

  5. I’m reading the book daddy sent me through the Kisses by CJ Box.

  6. My daily reading always includes my Bible and one or two devotionals (too many to list here). I’m currently finishing a book about the war years with Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt (written by Doris Kearns Goodwin).

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