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Favorite Place in My City

Hmmm… the prompt for today
asked me to tell what is
my favorite place to go
in my city…

Is that question assuming we all live in a city?
Thank God, I don’t!

cars on road in city during night time
Photo by KEHN HERMANO on Pexels.com

Now, I don’t mean to offend those of you in cities
who love living where there are bright lights,
lots of traffic, big buildings, and crowds of people.

Give me one main street,
cars I can count on my two hands,
businesses who know customers by name,
plentiful opportunities for building friendships
as well as volunteering to help others,
mountains in the background,
and a river that runs through it…
and I’ll be happy!

My favorite places to go in my little town?
1. Our independent version of McDonalds is “Sugar High”
(It has great burgers and terrific huckleberry shakes)
2. The Manor Nursing Home
(I love helping the residents there – it’s such a loving place)
3. The Madison Valley Library
(We have a five star library… doesn’t get any better!)
4. Lion’s Club Park
(The walking trail bordering the Madison River is divine)

In a little town like Ennis,
you can see the stars at night.
No bright lights to block out their beauty…

Now, why would I want to live in a city?

What’s your favorite place to go in your “city”?

Hugs to you wherever you are…

Comments on: "Favorite Place in My City" (7)

  1. A fine response, Jan. I never follow WP prompts – they are only applicable to some people

  2. Beautiful post Jan! I love the country, I grew in the country but I live in a city now. Best of both. 🤍

    • I’m glad you’ve found “the best” in both! Yes, we lived in San Francisco when we were first married. Cities have their advantages, tis true.

  3. I love your sign coming into Ennis. I try to stay out of Charlotte, unless I have a doctor’s appointment. Monroe is much better, small to medium town where I volunteer at the Habitat Restore.

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