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Changing the World

How am I changing the world?
That was the question for
today’s January 29th #Bloganuary prompt.

How would you answer it?

I changed the world when I was born
Because I am as unique as one can be
I change the world I live in
Because there’ll never be another me

I changed the world when I gave birth
to my first child, Tyronee Bee.
He changed the world around him, too,
Because he has deep faith, the same as me.

Ty is letting Jesus take him and Monika
To the place God has for them both
They tackle each day with perseverance
And let God guide their daily growth

They reach out to those around them
And share their wisdom with finesse
Their hearts are full of love and wonder
It’s obvious, those they touch, they bless.

I changed the world when I gave birth
to my second child, DeDe Bee
Her nickname is Miss Sunshine
Her sparkle touches you and me

She smiles at life through thick & thin
And “Carpe’ Diem” is her motto
Her days are filled with sweetest song
A smooth, clear tone with no vibrato

I change the world when I can travel
To see my kids and encourage them
I know the Good Lord guides their paths
And nothing can discourage them

I know if I am weak and needy
They’ll help me out however they can
They’ll do the same for all they meet
They know no stranger – child, woman, or man

I change the world when I reach out
To gather friends and take them in
Enlarge our family with additional members
Reach out, expand, let others just blend in

They change their worlds in return
And the circle just grows larger
Connecting lives where e’re they go
Giving others energy – a super recharger

I change the world when I give hugs
Virtually or in gentle person
Without the care and love of others
The world of loneliness would worsen

So, never doubt your worth, dear friend
Never imagine that you don’t matter
Every kind word that you speak
Is like seed in wind – let them scatter

You matter
You change lives
Of those around you

Your world may involve only one
One other person to interact with
But that person means the world to you
And that’s the world you’re packed with

So never underestimate your worth
To just one – or to a world of plenty –
You change the world where you are
Folks who do not matter? There aren’t any!!

Many thanks to my faithful long-term friends here –
And a hearty welcome to my new followers!
You make me smile…
You change my world.

Have a great weekend.
It’s so good to be home!
Go out – or stay in – either way,
You change the world around you.

Never doubt it!

Thanks for visiting
JanBeek today.
See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Comments on: "Changing the World" (16)

  1. Elaina Colby said:

    You changed my world and you grace my life each day including me and my girls in your family circle and being my MomBee. I love you! 💕

  2. Damn right you do…I love this Jan❤️❤️!

  3. Oh btw carpe diem was my high school motto so I grew up with “seize the day” ringing in my head.

  4. You have spelled this out so very well, Jan! You have done exactly as you say and you are affecting others every day. This reminded me of that simple Sunday School song with a big message… This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine!

  5. Anonymous said:

    A fine response, Jan X

  6. You make the world a better place, Jan. What a beautiful beautiful post filled with love and truths. You’re leaving a legacy sweet lady. By the way, I started following this Daddy/daughter duo when they first began. They make the world brighter, too! Sending love and hugs!

  7. I had read this and thought I had responded! Sorry! This is so sweet! Thank you so much, momma. I try and keep sparkling for our customers ☺️

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