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Do You Change the World?

Of course you change the world!
You change my world.

Check out my poetic answer
on my WordPress blog
at http://www.janbeek.blog

I include an “Elfchen”
(look for that 11 word form)
and pictures,

let me entertain you,
and tell me:
How do you change the world?

Comments on: "Do You Change the World?" (4)

  1. I thought this would post on the #bloganuary site… not repeat on JanBeek at WordPress. I am having trouble accessing the #Bloganuary posting place. Help!

  2. It’s there! You just have to click on your blog link and scroll down past your first message. Thank you for creating me, momma! I love your sentence about spreading seeds of kindness. I hope I do that! I love you 💖 Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Anonymous said:

    I hope, by being in it

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