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Choose a Tree

If you could “Bee a Tree” what would you bee?

Check out my answer on the Bloganuary site at

If you have known me a while, this answer will bee a no-brainer!

Thanks for buzzing in to visit JanBeek today.
I will post my sermon notes later today.
I hope you had a lovely Sunday morning.
We did!

It was so good to bee back with our Ennis church family!

What tree would you bee??

Here’s a darling children’s picture book about trees.
Do you have a child nearby
(like maybe inside you)
who would enjoy learning some basics
about trees?

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  1. Dana Pulliam said:

    Have you read Robert Frost’s “Birches”? I could be a birch in hopes of accommodating a “swinger of birches” or two and withstanding ice storms and such! 😊

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