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Need Solitude?

Some of my friends need
Time alone to regain strength
I need time with them

In the Bloganuary #27 prompt yesterday the question was asked:

In my response, I used a Haiku poetry format
in part of the answer to explain why solitude
is not a “must have” on my agenda.
In fact, I am never really alone.
God is with me… and so are YOU!

Click the title below and tell me,
how would you answer that question?

It sure is good to be home.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Sending my love your way –
with gratitude for your prayers for Bob.


He’s feeling so much better!
Praise God!

Comments on: "Need Solitude?" (8)

  1. Glad Bob is doing better! I’m one of those people who need time alone with my favorite people to regain strength 💛 After a long day/week, just being with my kiddos rejuvenates me. Great haiku!

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  2. Civid and coincidence and certain circumstances. I just realized I haven’t had a visitor in my house for the last forty five days. That’s partly why I relish comments on my posts.

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  3. Fran McNeill said:

    Wonderful news that you are home and Bob is feeling better! Prayers said, continuing, and answered!

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  4. That’s amazing news!

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