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4 Ways to Keep Positive

There are many ways
To keep our spirits rising
Let’s take time for four

Take a Walk

Take your dog outside
Or invite a friend to join
Get yourself fresh air

Even through a mask
The outdoors is refreshing
Get up and go move!

My path to the Madison River
Keep your distance from others
Enjoy people watching!
Marvel at and appreciate our unity in diversity
Bring a picnic lunch and a friend – sit awhile!
Put on your walking shoes and come join me!

Visit Your Neighbors

Our neighbor Charley with “TMW”

Keep six feet apart
And join your neighbors outside
Share flowers and wine

Share love and friendship
Keep the loneliness at bay
There’s no better way

T – M -W
Is the best invitation
Charley’s “Too Much Wine!”

Janet, our wonderful neighbor
Refill time for Bob
What a view, huh?

Let Go Anxiety –
Adopt Humor & Practice Faith

There’s no better way:
Practice positivity
With the Bible and your faith

Hang around fun folks
And keep in touch by the Web
Share all God’s blessings

Don’t dwell on “Don’t Haves”
Concentrate on what you HAVE
Practice gratitude

Go ahead and laugh!

Son-in-law, Andre’
Decided – save some bucks and
Avoid the virus

He knew just the way:
He could do his own haircut
Well, the front is fine!!

Don’t worry about
Not going to the hairdresser
Just do it yourself

Have clippers, will do!!

Lisa’s South Carolina clouds

Find yourself a friend
Who will be your prayer partner
Daily trade pictures

Pray together and
Exchange positivity
Watch your spirit soar

Connect with the hearts
Of the people that you love
Share each others’ love

Andre’ and our 3 grandsons in Switzerland
Our church services have moved outside now.
The weather has permitted worship on the lawn.
It’s so good to see our friends.
Fran and I text each other daily

Let God Music Lift You

As I write this blog
Susan Boyle lifts me up
Non-stop I listen

I ask Alexa
“Repeat” and she repeats this
Until I say “Stop.”

Listen to the words
Let them sink into your soul
You can’t help but smile

Be raised by music
Let the Love of Christ lift you
You must not stay down

Let God live in you
Let the Holy Spirit speak
Be strong and be well

There are many ways
To keep our spirits rising
Take time for these four

Take a Walk
Visit Your Neighbors
Let Go Anxiety
Let God and Music Lift You

See ya tomorrow.
Have a blessed day.

Comments on: "4 Ways to Keep Positive" (16)

  1. Sunny De said:

    I haven’t yet fixed that head of André’s! I neeeeeeeed to do that tomorrow morning! TOO funny. So glad you’re out and about enjoying the lovely weather, Ma! I love you 😘

    • Ah, why fix it? He told you it’s perfect!! 🤣 I love ❤️ you, dear DeDe. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to let me know you did. I appreciate you! 👍🏽❤️

  2. Fran McNeill said:

    I love you Jan!

  3. Good advice for all of us Jan! Glad to see all is well with you in Montana!

  4. Inspirational. Susan Boyle’s “video unavailable”

    • Oh darn! Thanks for letting me know.

    • Derrick, I am able to play it. I don’t know why it is not available to you. Maybe it’s because I have an Amazon Music subscription? I’m not sure. I will post those words here – so at least the message of the song is available to you. It’s rattling around in my head this early morning – not yet 5:00 am – and so I can’t sleep til I resolve this!

  5. Wow, André’s haircut is so creative! And I don’t think I’ve seen a wineglass as big as the one Bob is drinking from. 😀 Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful countryside while TazE takes you for a walk, Jan. 😋 Did you make that snazzy face mask yourself? It looks pretty. 💕

  6. Jan, your antidotes of humor, music, words, and photos (all backed up with our Lord’s love) hit the spot. I know I need to allow myself to let God lead the way with His blessings of positivity. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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