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A Crappy Day

It’s a crappy day
A gray and cloudy Tuesday
There’s no place to go

California’s far
For a one day drive in car
And flying is out

Switzerland’s too far
To drive, fly, or even swim
It’s a crappy time

I want to hug them
I want to see my grandkids
One has a birthday

This week is her day
To celebrate twenty-six
No, I can’t be there

Are you feeling it?
Is your separation tough?
Is your day crappy?

We just want to love –
Love one another right here
Is there a good way?

Thank God for the Net
Thank God for phones and e-cards
Thank God for your life

Gratitude’s the key
For changing crappy to good
Do you feel thankful?

Thank God you’re alive
Thank Him for your daily bread
Reach out to your friends

Write a card today
Put it in the mailbox
Brighten someone’s mood

Personalize it
With a special note from you
Let shared love cheer you

And if you live close,
You might deliver a piece
Of your berry pie

Or the cinnamon
Sticks you learned to make from Mom
Who never wasted

The left-over dough
Does that memory bring smiles?
It does that for me!

Day’s not so crappy
When you reach out with a smile;
So, try it yourself!

Don’t think of crappy
Think of happiness instead
You are what you think!

Thanks for visiting
and sharing below a little bit
about what you did
to change
crappy to happy
for you and your loved ones today.

Just Love One Another!

Comments on: "A Crappy Day" (18)

  1. I agree Jan, this isolation is tough. I try to avoid “crabby” days (honoring my wife’s childhood home in Maryland). I ask God to keep my cup of Easter Hope filled to the brim. Not sure when it will be safe for a mature couple to travel to Montana, but I will manage until the day arrives. God’s peace to Montana!

    • Ask God to “Keep my cup of Easter Hope filled to the brim.” … I like that. I need that, too. Thank you, Richard.

  2. Take care Jan! This too shall pass!

  3. I agree……..those of us who are not been touched by this whole mess are so very blessed.

    • We are blessed because we have not yet had the virus affect our own health or that of our closest family. But we all have been touched by it… the whole world has been touched. But, some have been touched with a sledge hammer. My heart goes out to the black community especially right now. They represent 13% of the USA population, but they have 60% of the positive COVD-19 cases in the U.S. right now. It’s so tragic. We need to figure out how to help. Sometimes I feel “crappy” because I feel helpless!!

      • Feeling helpless is overwhelming……..and this has affected so many areas of our lives……we are missing huge milestone celebrations and funerals, visiting those in the hospital, for other illnesses, and those of us who are chronically ill, many of us have not been able to see medical professional unless it is life threatening…..the whole thing is just terrible. This is also hit other minority populations such as Native Americans………I just keep praying and meditating every single day that this will end and no more deaths will occur. You have a beautiful heart Jan……..I know that if you could, you would be everywhere at once helping every, single, person.

      • You’re right: if I could, I would! Thank you for your understanding, Wendi. Let’s keep on praying and meditating daily for this to end. <3

      • Amen sister……..will do! 🙂

  4. Sending hugs
    How did you know that I’m in the middle of writing cards? Done about 10 and want to write a few more before posting them.

    • I find that writing cards is a great way to cheer myself up while I stay in touch with loved ones and cheer them up, too. I belong to Guideposts “Someone Cares” card ministry. As such, I receive a beautiful collection of thoughtful cards to choose from every six weeks or so.

  5. One of my daughters once described me as “making something out of poo” – I guess you do that

  6. Jan, Thanks for sharing your encouraging messages and sharing your insightful thoughts. Gratitude’s the key.

    • You’re welcome! Thank you for coming to visit and taking time to leave a comment. In the midst of all this virus and racial injustice, crappy days are a given! But, we can’t let that attitude permeate our souls. We just gotta LOVE, we gotta see what we can do to make this a brighter day, we gotta “just start givin’ …” Marva posted “We are the World” today. I love that song. I’m gonna sing it all day long!!

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