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Where Did It Begin?

The wonderful video above was posted on Facebook – – – and should be viewed around the world (It says it can’t be previewed while I have it scheduled to be posted… but I hope when it actually posts, you can see this). Let’s help it go viral… and work to make it come true!

Another take on when this whole Coronavirus mess began was posted with this quote from CS Lewis “Screwtape Letters” today:

It doesn’t really help to blame Satan or China or Trump or any other place or person for this virus. We know it was not man-made… and blaming won’t make the world a better place. Only love and compassion can do that!

How will it all End?

Photo by Cliford Mervil on Pexels.com

It will take each of us individually
working for a brighter tomorrow …
and each of us acting in concert with others
to create the world we all want to see.
Let’s stand hand in hand!

Hand in hand…

Keep dreaming and working for
a brighter, more compassionate world.
What’s one thing you can do to help?
Make this a Happy Cinco de Mayo
with something positive you do today
to bring a smile to a friend.
What will it be?

You can bring a smile to my face
by sharing your ideas

how you celebrate the 5th of May today …
and what you’ll do for a brighter tomorrow
in the comments section below.

See you later.
Hugs from JanBeek

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  1. Jan, I always appreciate your shot of hopefulness. With God in the lead, we will teach the world to really sing in harmony. I agree our energies need to focus on making it through this pandemic, day by day.

    • Shots of hopefulness are so necessary. It is essential that we do not fall into the pit of hopelessness. It is deep around us. Sidestep it with the help of prayer, God’s promises … and the assurance that He’s in charge. I’m working on practicing what I preach!

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