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Sometimes this COVID-19 feels like we’re walking through the “Valley of the Shadow of Death,” especially when we see the staggering statistics from Italy and realize how quickly the virus is spreading in places like New York City.

A friend told me today he feels we’re living in a period akin to the Great Depression or the Dust Bowl era. Songs are being composed about it. There are thoughtful essays being written. Scientists are creating impressive graphs showing the statistics of known contagions to death tolls and analyzing the relationships to age and climate. Novels will be written that will be classics in the decades to come.

How do we live through this “Valley of the Shadow of Death” without fear?

There are the usual responses: pray, sequester and meditate, have faith, bury your head…

But, while I do believe in the power of our Maker, and I pray daily for the Source of all comfort to bring us healing and peace, there are a few other ways I keep myself FROM feeling the gloom that seems to be enveloping so many. You probably have a list of ways, too. I’d love to have you share yours with me.

Here are my four favorite remedies for avoiding the paralysis of fear:

  • Music – sing, play, or listen to uplifting songs on YouTube or XM Radio. I love seeing those folks on their balconies in Italy making joyful music together, don’t you? I just listened to Bono and Will.i.am singing a song they wrote for/to the Italians. Google it! Music soothes the soul and uplifts the spirit.
  • Write – as a blogger, you know how therapeutic it is to put words on paper, in a journal, on a card to a friend, or here on WordPress. Write about what keeps you positive and passionate.
  • Connect – on the internet or by phone, through a window or across a fence. I just installed a new app on my phone and iPad. It’s called ZOOM. Do you know it? The basic version is free. It’s like FaceTime, but it works on other platforms besides Apple products. My friends in California and Bob & I had a great conversation. It was like sitting across the table from our friends who are 1200 miles away from us. We miss them and it lifted our spirits to see and reconnect with them.
  • Walk – when the weather permits, go for a walk with your dog or a friend or both. I did that yesterday in our Lion’s Club Park. Yes, we practiced social distancing, but we could chat and laugh and encourage one another. It’s good for body and soul. And TazE loved it, too.

Do tell your dog he’s gotta walk, too!

Tell me, what ways do you avoid walking in the “Valley of the Shadow of Death” these days?

What are your favorite ways of avoiding fear?

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  1. Live in the present. Enjoy the good things that have come from this such as an extended holiday and family time, and the unity of an entire world dealing with the same thing. Just being and living. And for myself the biggest thing is to keep away from all news – only occasionally to find out details of recommendations – and all the negativity. It’s not possible not to come across any of the negativity but as much as possible.

    Love, light, and glitter

    • Yes, you are right… there is negativity out there… and we can’t avoid it completely. But we don’t need to wallow in it, do we?

    • I know what you mean, Eliza. Most people like to encourage each other, but you do get those who thrive on negativity. As the saying goes ‘misery loves company’. I keep away from people like that and let them get on with it amongst each other.
      Hugs x

  2. Hi Jan. 🙂 I participate in all four of your suggestions. I especially love to talk on the ‘phone with our 23 year old daughter, take the dogs out (we’re lucky to have such beautiful surroundings in County Durham, England), reading/studying the Bible, listening to empowering/inspiring music, writing, a little bit of gardening now that the weather is beginning to warm up, and I have dozens of knitted squares that I am going to embellish and piece together to make ‘fidget blankets’ for people with dementia and alzheimer’s disease. Hopefully, I’ll have them all finished and ready to hand in to local care homes when the virus has gone.

  3. Sunny De said:

    My choir also talked about Zoom yesterday so I was the first to start a conversation this afternoon. Three other ladies joined joined me for a few minutes. We invited the rest of the choir to join us at 5pm today (that’s in 22 minutes.) We’ll see how many join in!

  4. Sunny De said:

    Sounds like you have a good handle on this pandemic, ma! Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  5. Thank you Jan for sharing your faith, and your Godly attitude and wisdom in these trying times. You are right – God’s got this and will use it for good. You are a blessing.

    • Thank you, Kim. I appreciate your visit and taking time to leave a comment. God bless you! <3 Bee well!! <3

    • Thank you very much, Kim. So good of you to check out my blog and leave a positive comment. I appreciate you! Bee well!!

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