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Can You Handle It?

A pandemic to handle
It’s too hot to touch

Can’t touch by Easter
Can’t grab ahold of it now
Has its own timing

But I’ll do my part
To try and stop its spreading
Handle what’s given

I’m given choices
I’m given rules to follow
I will be careful

God sends His angels
To watch over us each day
Bee safe and Bee Well

Follow the guidelines
Please take all the precautions
God bless you, my friends!

Have a beautiful day.
Sending my love.

Tell me how you are.
How ARE you handling this?

I Love You!
Thanks for visiting JanBeek.
I hope it encourages you.

Comments on: "Can You Handle It?" (14)

  1. Sending LOVE back to YOU.. I’m handling it by a short daily walk, going in my garden as much as possible and of course the internet is wonderful for connecting to the outside world! Stay Safe.

    • Thank you. Sounds like you have some good ways of handling the situation. God bless YOU … and your loved ones … and keep you safe! <3

  2. Someone said that to me the other day, that she doesn’t know how she handled what she did. That’s what I said to her. That we are given the strength to handle what we ate given.

    Love, light, and glitter

  3. I love that photo, Jan. I always knew you were an angel!
    I was out with my dogs for 3 hours yesterday and when I got back home, hubby had painted the kitchen! 😁

    • Wow! I hope you like the color choice and it turned out beautifully!

      • It was a tin of pale lemon we had especially for the kitchen for when he got the time to do it. That time was now as his work has closed. It looks lovely, Jan. ☺

      • Sounds perfect… a pale lemon color sounds soothing. I’m glad it turned out well, Lesley. <3

      • I’m wishing we had got more paint in now. I could have had the whole house done. πŸ˜‚

  4. We are doing our best to comply – although we need a bit of clarity.

  5. I LOVE your angel picture! I am stuck at home with dogs and cats and, during most days, a husband. But you know stuck isn’t the real word… it’s more like blessed-with-sometimes-arduous-circumstances. Stay well!

    • Sometimes arduous <3 – but not always! Yes, we are blessed to be stuck with time to write, create, reach out, read, and do all the things we've been putting off for too long around the house. Thanks for popping in on JanBeek. I appreciate you – and love your comment. Glad the angel picture tickled you! <3

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