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Happy June 1st to you.
The “Official” start of summer!
And we finally have springtime in the Rockies.

Life can be hectic
Embrace Majestic Calmness
Play some “Spa Music”

Life can be stressful
Embrace Majestic Calmness
Take a walk outside

Life is difficult
Embrace Majestic Calmness
Take some time to pray

A life filled with faith
Embraces Everyday Calm
Knowing Who’s in charge

Have a Terrific Tuesday, my friends.
I hope you’re enjoying that spa music
And it is calming your soul.

What other ways do you have for finding calmness?

See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Embrace Majestic Calmness" (17)

  1. Happy summer Jan! My peace is usually found like you; so beautifully represented in your poetry. Hugging my sons for the first time in a LONG time gave me peace. And if I were to never feel their hugs again (as hard as it would be) I have a peace that I will see them again in our glorious heavenly home. It’s in nature, music, and morning quiet devotional times. God bless you Jan! Karla

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  2. Amazing, spring has finally arrived in Montana. I heard the summer heat is coming. I find some of the richest peace and calmness when I am blessed with a pre-dawn walk. Hearing the birds’ chorus as the sun comes up is a true blessing to the start of a precious day.

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    • Yes, Spring is here, finally! The birds are happy and so am I. Your early morning walk sounds delightful! Have a wonderful Wednesday, {{{Richard))) ❤ Thanks so much for your visit and reply. I appreciate you! God bless you & Colleen. ❤ (I did remember her name correctly, didn't I?) When are you two coming to visit us here in Ennis??


  3. June 1st is the ‘official’ start of winter here in Australia! It is good to stay outside as much as possible during the days that get shorter and shorter. The air is cool, but when there is no wind and still a lot of sun during the short days, it is great to stay outside and do some gardening for instance. 😉

    Your pictures, dear Jan, show very much so: The majestic beauty of nature!
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos! 🙂

    https://janbeek.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/pray-to-see-best.jpg: Pray to see the best in people, yes, this is really good and very calming! 🙂

    Thank you, and Best Wishes, Uta 🙂

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    • Thank you, Uta, for your lovely response. I will think of you there with winter beginning as our springtime finally has arrived. It’s fun to live in a place where we experience the four seasons. I just wish they were equal in length. Our spring and autumn are too short – and our winters are waaaay too long! Have a wonderful Wednesday! ❤

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  4. Photographs to be lost in

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  5. Beautiful Post & music Jan!

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