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Wait Well

When have you waited?
Waiting well = watchful waiting.
We’re asked to do that!

Photo by MIXU on Pexels.com

Hurry up and wait:
The MOD of travel.
Relax! It is what it is.

We cannot change it.
Impatience doesn’t help it.
Waiting’s part of life.

Bob was asked to wait –
Prostate cancer diagnosed
A decade ago.

So watchful waiting
To see if the spot would grow:
Doctor’s instructions.

Don’t let it stop you!
Remember to keep living.
Remain positive.

Therapeutic use of cold –
Froze all the prostate.

Don’t just cut it out!
Edges left can reproduce.
Freezing is the best.

Live to see your grands
Happily loving and wed.
Live while you’re living!

“Wait patiently for the Lord.
Be brave and courageous.
Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”

Psalm 27:14

Know living in joy
Is a choice we all can make
No matter the pain.

Find yourself suffering?
Wondering how long you’ll live?
Praise every morning!

Praise every sunrise.
Pray for memorable days.
Look back “greatfully”

Avoid naysayers.
Set aside the “If Onlys” –
Live while you’re livin’ !

Mike and Tania

Mike on honeymoon
With his sweet new bride, Tania,
Enjoy Italy!

All seven of us
Enjoyed fun times together.
Livin’ the good life!

We waited so well
For our trip to Switzerland.
God sure blesses us.

God blesses you, too.
He wants you to live the good life.
So pray and wait well.

Good things come to those
Who pray and believe in Life.
Believe and “Wait Well” !

What are you waiting for?

See ya tomorrow


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  1. My heart lights up when I have opportunity to read and your name appears! You are a light for Christ and life! Being diagnosed with cancer in May (inoperable stage 4) shifted things. I’m living! I’ve seen miracles already! My sons are moving closer thanks to the Air Force and Red Cross! I might get to see mountains when/if I go see an expert in near Denver. My Mom, my twin, my sister, friends…we’ve ALL been impacted. Yesterday I shared with my parents that none of this seems “right”. I should be taking care of them. But perhaps we’ll storm the gates of heaven as a team, lol! God blesses just as he baffles. In every circumstance HE displays his mighty works! Jan, I love your contagious spirit and perspective. It’s been a blessing in my life to know you here in this space. I begin radiation this week. We’ll do external on the bones (I have extensive metastasis to bones besides the pancreas, liver, and lymph nodes). On the 29th I’ll have internal radiation for organs (one of my oncologists said last Thursday, “No, Karla, we still can’t do surgery, but I don’t have all the answers.” Exactly! I’ll have monthly injections and hug and love my family/little grandkids when I see them. I don’t take one minute for granted! What a beautiful peace to live an abundant life knowing the peace that comes with being ushered into a glory waiting still for another day! Much love and prayers, Karla 💛🙏🏻

  2. I’m a first class waiter

  3. You are always so inspiring with your posts Jan!
    Always a joy! Blessings!

  4. Inspiring message! You are so right Jan. There will be different moments in life when we must wait well. God continues to bless you and Bob with moments well worth waiting for. Life here in Ohio has us helping other family as we wait for their better days. God will see all of us through.

    • Yes, waiting for “other family” to see better days is a trial, isn’t it? Sometimes we can only pray and rely on God to take care of their needs. It is not in our control – and that’s hard!

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