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Update on 2Beeks

Bob & I have “2Beeks” on our car’s license plate.
With the last name of Beekman, the nickname “Beek” is a natural.
Sometimes we catch people driving past us, looking strangely at us.
I imagine they are looking to see if we have particularly long noses!

I have a few new followers who joined JanBeek this month.
I think WordPress’s “Bloganuary” has brought them here.
Thank you!

If you are one of them, you may not have seen the post
where I showed our family a few evenings ago
sitting around the dinner table discussing our ancestry.

We gave Bob a bad time about his “honker” (beak by another name)
and we showed him how he inherited it from his great-grandfather!
Tonight we are giving Bob a bad time for another reason:
His honker is doing a lot of honking! He has RSV.

This respiratory virus put him in the hospital in Napa on January 1st.
What a way to start the new year, huh? RSV is nasty!
After spending the night there, he was dismissed Jan. 2nd
and we were able to travel back to our son’s to recuperate.

This is not the way we hoped to begin the new year.
But the good news is we had the option of coming
back to Placerville – it was a sunny CA day today.
The recuperation time is greatly appreciated!

Bob’s cough is getting better… and soon we will be
able to hit the road and return home to Montana.
It’s not what we intended, of course, for this “vacation.”
We wanted to visit friends in Pebble Beach –
and spend time with Bob’s brothers in the CA valley.

But, we are grateful that when this curve ball
was thrown at us, we had a beautiful alternative.
Thank God for loving family and friends, right?
God has a plan for why this has happened!

“And we know that for those who love God
all things work together for good,
for those who are called
according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28

God knew we needed more rest and relaxation!
Our house isn’t ready to return there now anyway!

Our soft and marred fir floor’s being replaced with amazing old wood from a 1921 silo!

We hope your year has started off happily.
We pray you’re healthy and dong what you want to do.
We trust the Lord has us right where He wants us.
And we hope, dear friends, the same is true for you.

Happy New Year!

What’s an update on what’s happening in your life?
I’d love to know how your New Year began.

Thanks for visiting JanBeek.
See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Comments on: "Update on 2Beeks" (24)

  1. That is a great photo of you two! Glad Bob is on the mend. It really is amazing how things work out. Your new floor looks great. Hope it does not smell of sour sileage! :>)

  2. Great to observe how humour mixed with tribulation opens the way to appreciation and gratitude. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    Wow the floors look really good. It really brightens up the room. I can’t wait to see it in person.

  4. I love the license plate and your interpretation!! Big fun!!! And wow, the picture of your husband’s great grandfather and your husband … what a resemblance!!! So sorry to hear Bob wound up in the hospital … but what a relief that he’s out again already!! This is no time to be in a hospital, for sure!! Looks like your new flooring is going to be fabulous!!! Well, happy 2022 to you and yours!!!

    • Thanks so much, Lois. I really appreciate your feedback! We’re both experiencing the effects of RSV, but each day is better. Thank you for your good wishes!😀

  5. Praying for comfort and healing!

  6. Jackie Knight said:

    Thanks for the update, SO pleased to hear that there is an improvement, a wee bit scary there for a while! Love to Bob and to you dear Jan. XOX J

    • Thank you so much, Jackie. Yes, it was a wee bit scary! The cough was debilitating! So glad it’s better. But now I have symptoms and so do Ty & Monika 🥲😤 lighter however. We’ll be ok. Thanks for your healing thoughts.

  7. Fran McNeill said:

    Tried to post but wasn’t allowed.

    So glad Bob is recovering and looking forward to seeing you soon. There is a lot of snow at my house and it’s snowing like crazy now. Prayers coming for health and safe travels. Watch the weather and be careful when you start the drive. Love and hugs!

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Glad you’re both ok and happy new year❤️ yes time to take it easy and enjoy❤️ sending love Barbara x

  9. God bless us one and all!

    • Thank you, Peter! Yes, God DOES bless us all. We are so grateful. You in our lives … YOU are a blessing, too!

  10. Jan, I appreciate your update, and it is a blessing to see Bob healing. Both of you have been in a safe place, and God continues to watch over His special pair of Beeks. Your new floor is coming alone, and it will offer a wonderful transformation to your home. Colleen and I are safe and healthy, yet December has brought challenges to some of our family. Faith in God continues to fill us with hope for better days.

    • Thank you, {{{Richard}}}, for your encouraging comment. Sorry about the “challenges” to some of your family. Ours is experiencing them, too… not just Bob & me, but we just leatned our pastor has COVID and our granddaughter, Faith, and her husband, Kyle, are sequestered in their home in S. Lake Tahoe with the virus (maybe the variant) also! These definitely are challenging times for many. God is busy teaching us to hunker in and slow down, isn’t He?

  11. Hi Jan,
    I am glad Bob is recuperating well.
    Good for you for taking life’s curve balls in stride, and making the best of it!

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