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If You’re Happy…

If you’re happy and you know it,
How do you show it?

In this joyful video,
Children from around the world
Teach us how to let others know it…

I dare you to play this video and NOT SMILE!!
Come on, sing along – and JUST DO IT!!

A-Z What Makes You Happy

Years ago I did an A-Z series on what makes me happy. It started when I was stuck at a railroad track with a stalled train blocking my way to a luncheon engagement. I already was late, and now I was grumbling. Of course, my mood and grumbles didn’t move the train. I decided to change my mood and start thinking happy thoughts instead of growling at the Lord.

Those minutes sitting at the train tracks turned into a 26 day blogging series that included a letter a day: A = ______, B = ______, C = _______ …. you get the idea.

Today I found a new friend… I reposted her blog from today on WordPress and then started to peruse her site. What a delight!

Abide In God

Her by-line says her mission is: “Seeking faith and wisdom in God’s word, a supportive website for the Christian journey.” In her “About” section, I found her picture. I love being able to visualize my fellow bloggers, don’t you?

There is such kindness in her eyes!

Get to Know Blogging Friends

I am having fun getting better acquainted with this delightful mother of a 23-year-old daughter and grandmother of a darling little boy and adorable twin girls. She (I have yet to discover her name) reminds me very much of my across the street neighbor, Penny. So for now that’s what I will call her.

P.S. I just received a response from “Penny.” Her name is Lesley!

Today if I did the A-Z exercise in what makes me happy, I’d have to substitute A = apples (or whatever I said way back then) to A = Abide in God.

What would you put for your A = ______ ?

Pursue Connections

Lesley has a few sub-blogs. If you click on “Abide in God” up there, you will see her other sub-titles. One of them is “Today I am Thankful for…” But when I click there, it says its content is password protected. Lesley – if you are reading this, I want to join that part of your journey. How do I get in? I am knocking at the door!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hello, Lesley – Let me in… I like your link to supportive websites and the reference to James 1:5

With supportive friends like you out there, and the Bible as our guide, this Christian walk can be more do-able! It makes me happy to know that I have you as a soul sister whose purpose matches mine. Together, we can:

Today what makes me happy includes: F = Finding your blog and Following it.

Another blog I follow that makes me happy every day is: D = Derrick’s garden! derrickjknight – If you don’t know Derrick and Jackie, do yourself a favor and go meet them today!

I come to their garden alone … not really alone, for Jackie & Nugget are there… and Derrick is behind the camera, and the dew is not still on the roses:

Jackie, Derrick’s dear wife (master gardener) is busy at work. Her smile makes me happy. J = Jackie’s smile!
(Thanks, Derrick, for your beautiful photography.)

Thank you, Jackie, for sharing your wonderful gardening results with us. I can’t grow roses here in Montana. The antelope eat the buds and chew off the leaves! So I am deeeelighted that you share yours.

Be Happy With What You Have

Show others your joy!
A part of being happy
Is looking around.

Appreciate life
And be thankful for your friends;
Share in their blessings.

Don’t focus on lack.
But look at what you have got,
And thank our Father.

Have a Wonderful Week!
Thank you for visiting JanBeek today.
I hope it made you happy.

Share with me something that brings you joy.

See ya tomorrow.
Love, JanBeek

Comments on: "If You’re Happy…" (16)

  1. Very nice post, Jan.

    I am happy watching birds. Today some Starlings were bathing in the lawn sprinkler, having a happy time.

    God’s wonders are everywhere. May he give us the gift to see them. 🤗

  2. Beautifully done, Jan. Thank you very much.

  3. I’m going to follow these blogs you mentioned. Do you know what makes me happy Jan? Following people like YOU! Your words OOZE with enthusiasm and love for life and people. I’ve been given the gift of time this afternoon to JUST BE. TO READ and support fellow bloggers like you. I giggled at your “knocking on the door” Lesley….and my A today stands for “Apply”. Each day I STRIVE to apply all I learn in my walk with Christ. I need to apply it like I apply my sunscreen in this hot MO sun. Today, I had to apply a good dose of grace; just as he does me. Lots and lots of self-talk asking myself, “How would Jesus react?” And lots of laughs too. I adore you Jan Beek. Hugs and blessings.

    • What a heart-warming, delightful response. Thank you so much!I am so glad you carved out time to relax and read and comment. I like your A=Apply. I try to apply what God is teaching me each day, too – – – and “Walk the Talk.” That was my New Year’s Resolution on January 1st – and I posted it in my sanctuary to remind me each day to do just that. Bless you, K.L. for adding sunshine to my day! <3

  4. Yup, we sang that a lot 🙂

  5. The song immediately persuaded my foot to begin tapping in tune with melody. Then, the sun made a bolder appearance after a cloudy morning. I was happy earlier to jump in the car and take a short drive to run an errand. I used to drive this way towards my eventual connection to a short freeway to take to my school to teach.

    • The music affected me the same way… toe-tapping and singing along, I found it to be a wonderful way to start my day. I can hardly wait for it to be safe to start up our Sunday School class again so I can introduce them to this “Christian Music for Kids” website.

  6. Oh my goodness, Jan, I’ve just seen this! What a lift you’ve given me. Thank you!
    I remember singing that song at Sunday School. ☺
    The reason I shut off my ‘Thankful’ page is because I started writing it up in a journal … also, the dates are a bit haphazard. I’ll open it up though and you can see it for yourself. 😀 x

    • I will look for it. Haphazard dates don’t bother me a bit! As you may have noticed on my blog, the attitude of gratitude is a huge part of my emphasis in life and in my writing. I’m always tuned in to others’ expressions of thankfulness. It indicated a “glass half full” kind of person whose cup often is overflowing 🙏🏽❤️👍🏽

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