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The Reason

My Hope Angel
From Sue Woodruff
Romans 15:13

The God of hope brings peace and joy.
He fills my heart with song.
No matter what sorrow today may bring,
I can sing His praises all day long.

My heart overflows with God’s sure hope
That comes by the power of His Spirit.
When troubles mount; fear fills my heart –
I lean on Him and know He’ll clear it.

I trust today in God’s promises;
I know His joy and peace.
His love o’erflows within my heart
His power is sure to all fears release.

Lisa Glines Photography

So when the fear in storms erupt
Sending troubles to your life,
Just turn to Him and see beyond –
Where Hope resides and Joy melts strife.

He is the reason I can sing today.
He is the reason I have peace in my soul.
He is the reason you can live with joy.
Let the power of His Spirit make you whole.

After listening to the John Anderson YouTube version of this song, I wrote this comment: “What a gorgeous rendition of this song. Previously I had enjoyed only the Josh Grobin version. Beautiful as it is, this choir adds extra beauty to it with their gorgeous harmonies… such an important message in this troubled world! Yes, let Him lift you to His shoulders… and let’s BEE more than we can ever BEE without him!”

Let the Lord lift you;
Let Him raise you up to Him –
Strong on His shoulders!

Your faith empowers
You to be more than you’d be
Without His presence.

Michael Solioz Photography
Tania on the mountaintop

My grandson, Mike, in Switzerland, sent me this photo that he took of his girlfriend, Tania, high in the Alps, overlooking the Rhone River Valley where they live. Lifted up… high into the heavens … with the sun streaming down, the peace of Christ permeates the world.

May that peace be yours today, my friend.
May you find joy and comfort in Him.
May He be the reason you can “sing His praises all day long.”
God bless and keep you.

Share with us your reason
for a sense of peace and hope
in today’s troubled world.

Bee well!
Love, JanBeek

Comments on: "The Reason" (8)

  1. Beautiful Jan!

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring post, Jan! I have always loved Josh Grobin’s version too. And this is beautiful! And the pic of her looking at the mountains. I dream of visiting Switzerland. But the message you gave us is one of hope in the peace and love from above~that only Christ can give. Thank you! 💚❤️💕🤗

  3. Delightful smorgasbord of treasures in this post! Your grandson’s photo makes me want to see more of Switzerland, and the song was awesome in its reverence. Take care Jan!

    • Thank you, Richard. On days like today, I need to reread this post and renew my trust, “joy and comfort in Him” and the fact that I am “strong on His shoulders.” Let’s keep the faith … and keep lifting each other up. God bless you. <3

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