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Love Lifted Me

These happy singers lift me up … Do you feel the love?


Share a wisp of love
In a world of nay-sayers
Let love lift you up

Our nay-sayer world
Filled with hate and divisions
Needs the love you share

Do not be afraid
To be a Pollyanna
Look on the bright side

Every issue has
A rotten and a dark side
Flip over the coin

Look on the bright side
The Truth is in the BS
A pony’s in there

landscape sunset field dust
Photo by Vladimir Srajber on Pexels.com

Beneath all the crap
Lives the Word and the actions
We should emulate

Let hope lift you up
Take shovel and start digging
Find the love in there

Fertilize your life
With sincerity and grace
Uncover the love

This song was recorded in 1961, the year Bob & I were engaged, the year I graduated from college. Love indeed made the world go round. We were married in 1962 and I left the west coast of the USA for the first time and moved to Germany with Bob (who was stationed in the army there). My world became bigger… filled with new love!

Let love uplift you
Let love make your world sweeter
Eliminate crap!

Uncover pony
Rest in God’s peaceful pasture
Send nay-sayers out

John 10:9  

“I am the door.
If anyone enters by me,
he will be saved
will go in
and out
find pasture.”

Love lifted me up!
I heard His voice and heeded
You can do that, too

Share a wisp of love
In a world of nay-sayers
Let love lift you up

Be a Yes-Sayer – share your love!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Come on over for some chicken enchiladas!

Don’t these personify love?

See ya tomorrow.


Comments on: "Love Lifted Me" (11)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Sounds like a LOVEly Day!

  2. A powerfully muscular post, Jan

  3. Yum! looks delicious. Love does make the world go round in the best way. Turn that crap under the dirt and you can raise a fine garden of goodness!

  4. Jan, as always you are faithful in their writing about how love, positivity, and kindness should fill our lungs every day. I can think of a few places where some people need to carry a shovel so that they can clean up from their negative outlook. Too much fertilizer is never a good thing!

  5. This is beautiful. Eliminate the crap

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