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A Weekend to Remember

Happy Sunday, my friends! This is the weekend in Sierre, Switzerland for my oldest grandson’s wedding. The civil ceremony was at the County Courthouse in the beautiful town center yesterday morning. I was having too much fun to stop and post then. Here are the highlights for you to enjoy today…

Congratulations, Tania and Michael Solioz… Such a beautiful couple!

The civil ceremony was attended by their two best friends and 18 other family members. It was all in French, so Bob & I could not understand the words, but the feelings of love and commitment were more than evident.

We are so glad the couple has decided to make their union “legal.” In today’s world so many young people decide marriage is pointless.

Our daughter, DeAna, was a radiant mother of the groom!

Bob & I were so pleased to be among the grandparents who are still alive and well and able to travel to enjoy the festivities. We do not take this privilege for granted!

Following the ceremony, we all went to Tania’s parents’ lovely home. It was about a ten minute drive up into a town (named Chalet) on the other side of the Rhone River, perched on the mountainside with a phenomenal yard and the most spectacular views!

We were blessed with the most beautiful weather! On Friday it rained and was gray & cloudy all day. So this was an answer to prayer to have this gorgeous blue sky and warm weather!

De and I chatted about our arthritic fingers and compared knuckles! “Thanks Mom, for my hands!”

Grandmas of the groom (that’s me and Denise – the one in blue) and between us is the maternal grandma of the bride. Denise speaks some English so she helped translate for me. I wish I could speak French – more than just a few words!

It was a very happy occasion. We’re so glad we could share it with this darling couple!

There you have it! A Saturday to remember! And now on this beautiful Sunday morning, I send you my love 😍 Thanks for vicariously sharing this wonderful trip with me. Tonight we’ll leave Sierre and travel about 20 minutes up the mountain – on an amazing road with terrifying switchbacks – to Vissoie, where DeAna and André have their chalet/hotel/restaurant. See you there!

We are there! More later!!

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  1. Can feel the love and happiness! So happy you got to travel for this wonderful wedding and to celebrate with your family. 🙂 God bless

  2. Wonderful pictures. The language of love is universal. De looks as if she must have been a baby herself when she gave birth to the groom

  3. What a most perfect day for you all to enjoy together❤️ A beautiful family and pictures Jan… lovely to be able to join you in Switzerland! You looking amazing💃🏻❤️ much love x

  4. Beautiful pictures with radiant smiles. Congratulations to your grandson, Jan!

  5. How wonderful! Wishing the happy couple of world of happiness!
    What a blessing to be able to be there for them.

  6. Words cannot truly describe this weekend, but the photos will cherish all of the memories. Jan, thanks for sharing. Even though I learned some French back in high school, I have retained very little.

  7. Such fabulous photos of a splendid family occasion.

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