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Walking in Sierre

Today Denise (our son-in-law’s mom) took Bob & me on a walk in Sierre. Thirty years ago, when we first started coming here (when our first grandson was born), we would have jogged up the trails into the vineyards. Today we were content to take a leisurely walk on a relatively flatter terrain.

We walked up to the hospital where Mike was born. His grandpa was the chief executive officer there. André had been a chef in its kitchen before he came to California and married our daughter.

The grounds around the hospital are beautiful. Lots of trees and flowers and park benches where we could sit and take a break.

The leaves on the acacia trees are starting to show signs that autumn is coming. The grapevines are laden with fruit ready to be harvested.

Look at the base of this grapevine. It’s over 100 years old! All gnarled and twisted behind the protective wire fence.

I thought of Derrick & Jackie Knight and their beautiful garden when I saw these gorgeous rose bushes.

Beyond this water trough, with its constantly flowing fresh drinks for the cattle that used to come through this town, you can see the concrete sides of the round church. We went to mass there this morning with Denise. This morning I posted the sounds of the bells for you. Did you catch that blog?

I pray you had a beautiful Sunday, too, my friends. Tonight we’re going up to De’s chalet in Vissoie. We’ll be there all next week. Wait til you see it!

Oh, and tomorrow is DeAna’s birthday! Our DollyWolly will be 55. Can you believe it?

Our arthritic hands show our age – even if our active spirits deny it! Stay young in spirit, my friends. Thank God every day for the gift of another opportunity to live and play, breathe, and enjoy life. Live in the now! And stay vibrant!!

See ya tomorrow (God willing). Love, JanBeek

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  1. I’m happy you had a lovely walk today! I can’t wait for you to come up to my place and take some photos of the old town and all the beautiful flowers everywhere. Yay!

  2. Peter Martin said:

    55??? I remember a little girl about 5 years old running around the gym, while the coach and his boys wrestled our opponents.

    Happy birthday Dr.

  3. Peter martin said:

    That should have been De not Dr. Dang autocorrect

  4. Even before I got to the memory of our garden, as I scrolled down these lovely photographs I pictured you wandering around it hoisting the red umbrella in one hand in the pouring rain with the camera in the other. Happy birthday to De who cannot be 55

  5. This looks like a wonderful spot in the world! So glad you are having a great time!

  6. Age never slows the gratitude we receive from a walk in the midst of nature’s treasures. The mature vineyards serve as a reminder.

  7. Happy birthday DeAna! Thanks for sharing Jan.

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