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Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday and today we woke to the magical sound of children across the road from our bedroom here in Vissoie, Switzerland. What a joy!

Yesterday evening we were treated to an Alphorn concert. Nine dear people (one being our grandson, Mike) played this age-old instrument. I became acquainted with it when I was a child. My Uncle Hans was my mom’s oldest sister’s husband. He was a young German-Swiss cheese maker when he moved from Switzerland to Washington back in the 1930’s. He & Aunt Evelyn had 3 children. He taught them all to yodel and he taught his son, my cousin, Hanslie, to play the alpenhorn.

Mike is on the left.

My mom would be so proud to know her great-grandson is following in the musical tradition of her family! I get sentimental and cry when I hear these instruments and think of how mom & my aunt and uncle would have adored hearing this!

Today our friends, Jim & Terry, are here to enjoy a few days with us in this marvelous place. Last night they were able to meet Mike & Tania and we all celebrated Jim’s 75th and DeDe’s 55th together. André fixed an incredible dinner of ribs with a medley of vegetables. Yum!!

Here is yesterday’s delicious roast beef lunch.

Last night’s ribs

It is so wonderful to have my forever friend, dear Terry here to share these experiences with us.

This is Vissoie’s Main Street

Later this morning we’ll walk down that street and get a few groceries at the store. Wish you were here to go walking with us!

See ya later! Thanks for traveling vicariously with me. Hugs, JanBeek

Comments on: "Terrific Tuesday" (19)

  1. A delightful post. Lovely photos and two videos each celebrating a different sound. That beef is cooked to perfection

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  2. Anonymous said:

    I wanna hear hear more alpenhorn!! Beautiful!

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  3. Elaina Colby said:

    Oh what a wonderful post with great photos and a video of the alpenhorns being played. I love that sound. How special that Mike is playing one and what a lovely backstory you provided of your family’s history. Have a Terrific Tuesday! I will see you in about a week! 💕

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  4. Jan, its just wonderful to see you EnJOYing yourself and among not only beautiful friends but beautiful scenery too… Love and Hugs you way.. Have a beautiful time.. ❤

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  5. Wonderful everything, pictures and stories, and all!
    I am there 🙂

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  6. It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing….Lederhosen is a must in Alpenhorn performances

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  7. Loved the horns!

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  8. Indeed, everyone has been enjoying some marvelous times. Thank you Jan for sharing the morning arrival of another school day. I’ve never been blessed with a concert filled with harmony of several Alphorns.

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