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Day 2 in Switzerland

Sierre, Switzerland

André and the 3 boys

All were born here

This is the view from our balcony. That’s a beautiful castle on the mountainside

In front of our 4th story balcony we see the roof of the circular Catholic Church and we hear the bells ring every 15 minutes from 8: to 8: I love it!

Yesterday our grandson, Nick (the middle one – the fun-loving guy who has a band called Fluffy Machine) and his girlfriend, Céline, took us to nearby Martiny for lunch and a fun tasting experience at a micro-brewery.

Our lunch spot
Bob, Céline, Nick & Grandmama Denise

When we arrived on Thursday night, we had cheese fondue in Denise’s backyard with all 3 of our grandsons and their girlfriends plus our daughter, DeDe & her hubby, André.

Here is Bob on Thursday morning at Denise’s breakfast table:

The views from our balconies are wonderful – and the terraced vineyards on all the steep Alpine mountainsides here in Valais (the French part of Switzerland) are spectacular! God really worked overtime to create this scenic place!!

This is the house across the road from us. It was built in 1772. The plaque between the windows there tells the years it was renovated.
1772- 1946- 1976

Thank you for traveling vicariously with us for these next three weeks. What would you like me to show you next? Tomorrow is Mike & Tania’s civil ceremony. I’ll share. Come on back!



Comments on: "Day 2 in Switzerland" (14)

  1. Elaina Colby said:

    What wonderful photos and video that allowed us to hear the church bells! Thank you for letting us travel with you. I can’t wait to be there in person! I love you MomBee!

  2. Fran McNeill said:

    Your latest pictures came through perfectly! How glorious!

  3. I am enjoying your trip! That is such a beautiful, beautiful country! Is it true your daughter had three sons like I did? I’m just imagining her raising her boys! I’ve been there, and it was the joy of my life!

    • Yes, 3 boys. They are 26, 28, and 30 now. It is the 30 year old who is getting married. That’s why we are here again this year.

  4. So pleased to see you there. I had a church clock like that in France. I still sometimes count chimes in French

  5. Thank you Jan for sharing some of Switzerland with us. Being a Montana native, I definitely enjoy the mountainous terrain. I was fascinated by the chronological record of a building’s updating.

    • Yes, that fascinates me, too. In 1772 Montana was filled with happy native Americans, right? Didn’t even become a state til mid-1800’s, right?

  6. Love, Love, love!! Thank you for taking us along with the wonderful pictures and descriptions!
    Blessings on your journey there, and I am going along every step of the way!

  7. Soak up the memories… ruminate later! Enjoy!

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