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Renew & Express Hope

The word for 2022 (that I chose on January 1 before I knew how MUCH I would need it) is STRENGTH.
What kind of strength do we need each day in order to survive and thrive? I asked myself that question today as I realized it’s been the longest stretch of non-blogging that I have had in several years. My last post was when I dug to the bottom of my strength barrel and pulled out “Speechless.”

The deaths in Ukraine and that ongoing conflict drained me. The Texas mass shooting sucked the drops that were left. I felt lifeless. Then I discovered that two of my dear friends I do Bible Study and Bingo with each week in our nursing home – two of them – died this week. My heart is hurting!

Where does my strength come from?

Isaiah 41:10

“God strengthens you
So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
God has promised us His strength.
He will never give you a trial you are unable to handle.”

Personal Strengths Defined

  • Wisdom. Creativity. Curiosity. Love of learning. …
  • Courage. Authenticity. Bravery. Persistence. …
  • Humanity. Kindness. Love. Social intelligence.
  • Justice. Fairness. Leadership. Teamwork.
  • Temperance. Forgiveness. Modesty/Humility. Prudence. …
  • Transcendence. Appreciation of beauty and excellence. Gratitude. Hope.

Notice that the last of those personal strengths defined is “Transcendence,” and the last of its characteristics is Hope. Seems to me those should be first. They transcend all the others in my mind!

Without hopefulness
Life has no sense of purpose
Can’t cope without hope

Hope renews our strength
Hope helps us face tomorrow
Hope is essential

Take my life, Lord.
I give it to You.
Take myself.
Renew my strength.

Take my hand – and let it move – please!

Take my hand – and let it move – at the impulse of your love!
I pray the pins come out easily!
(One more week til that appointment)

I pray the joints move with ease as I exercise them
in the ways I have been taught to do.
I pray I am able to use my life again
consecrated to the Lord
and the work He has for me.

Let’s hear that hymn again…
and let’s internalize it.
Let’s renew our sense of HOPE
and let’s express it in ways that
encourages others to give –
Give HOPE for this day,
Hope for all healing,
Hope for His Love
to flow through us always!
Sing along!!

I’m back…
the one-handed bandit…
Back to send words of
faith, love, joy, hope, and unity
to a hurting world.
Pass it on, my friends!
The world needs the strength you have to give.

See you tomorrow (God willing)

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  1. Fran McNeill said:

    Everything said is so true. One of my favorite sayings is from a calligrapher in Oregon. I found her cards in a specialty coffee bar an emailed her. She sent me a framable print and business cards that said “Courage doesn’t always roar; sometimes it’s the voice at the end of the day saying ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’ “. Sometimes that’s all we can do. Love you Jan and thank you for your wonderful blog ❣️

    • We need to listen to those inner voices that encourage us to reach out each day with courage to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Kudos to that calligrapher who does so using her artistic skills – and to you who does so with your musical gifts everyday, Fran. Thank you for your response. I love you bunches!

  2. Wonderful dear Jan… YOU dear friend are full of inner strength… which you pay forward in so many positive ways.. Thank you x <3

  3. oh, Jan you have really been through it these last couple of months! I am sending you a couple of my favorite Southern Gospel classics to give you some encouragement:


    • Oh, thank you so much! I am encouraged for sure! Happy Memorial Day to you. We just watched/heard a beautiful National Memorial Day concert … quite a tribute to our service men/women.

    • I listened again to these hymns today, {{{Dwight}}}. Thank you. They provide wonderful inspiration and comfort. Tomorrow the pins will be removed from my hand. I hope that allows the swelling to go down and for finger flexibility to gradually return. Yes, meantime I do feel “Sheltered in the Arms of God.”

  4. Thanks so much Jan. There are so many calamities stirring in this world which attempt to darken and erase our hope. I feel this emptiness more than usual.

    • I do, too, (((Richard))) – I guess that’s why Dwight’s poem spoke so poignantly to me this morning.

  5. Thanks, I needed that. God knew what was coming when He gave you the word Strength for your 2022 focus. Less than halfway through the year, and it’s already been a lesson in realizing my strength is limited, but His is not.

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