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19 children + 2 teachers … gone

#1 cause of death for children in the US = Firearms


Sick Mental Health + even with no known history = Obvious

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What are we doing? What SHOULD we be doing?


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  1. Fran McNeill said:

    There are no words…

  2. I cannot imagine what the people of the USA must be thinking. But as an old school teacher I have a little bit of an idea how the teachers and parents are feeling.

  3. Anna Dale said:

    Hello friend how are you doing over there can I ask you a question

    • Of course you can ask a question! How am I doing? i’m hangin’ in there … trying to remain positive and be patient as this finger heals slowly.

  4. Sunny De said:

    It’s absolutely horrific and senseless. I’m greatly saddened, too. This does NOT happen in countries with stricter gun laws.

    • One of my fellow bloggers is from Australia. He shared a story today about guns in his country. Makes much more sense. Our “right to bear arms’ in the constitution was written long before anyone ever dreamed of the weapons that exist today!

    • Check out paol Soren’s blog

  5. So many horrendous things occurring in our world dear Jan,
    Prayers for all who are suffering. 🙏💕🙏

  6. Prayer is our only hope – God promises He will never give up on us. We can’t give up in His grace & goodness either!

  7. Gun control is needed! Thank you for spreading awareness

  8. You said it all in so little words….

  9. I feel this.

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