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Embrace Comfort

Embrace Comfort

The comfort
Offered by others
Then return the favor

Makes life
A little easier
Even in our sorrow

Your cares
To our God
He hears every word

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Hold hands
Hug your friends
Even virtual hugs matter

Is comfort
Comfort in Action
Never underestimate your love

Last night Bob & I received word that his brother-in-law, Stan, was in ICU. He had fallen in the shower and was unconscious. The paramedics came, performed CPR, broke three of his ribs in the process, but made sure he was breathing. Took him to the hospital. Stan and Bob’s sister, Bonnie, live in Oregon. We can’t hop in the car and go there, but thanks to technology, we can reach out in love. We can pray and ask our friends to pray, too. God hears. God cares. We can show we care, too.

Today we learned that the family has asked for Stan to be taken off of life support. He never regained consciousness… and if he survived, his brain would not be functioning properly. Sometimes the answer to our prayers is not continued life on this earth, but the peace and comfort of eternal life. Thank God for our faith. We know we will meet again in heaven.

There are so many ways to show love. What are some of the ways you embrace comfort across the miles?


Thanks for visiting JanBeek today.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

I’m sending my love your way.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Knowing our dear Stan is departing his earthly body,
I am sending this lovely video
“If Tomorrow Starts Without Me”
to comfort
our sweet Bonnie and their children,
Tammy & Todd…
and all the Hunt/Smith/Beekman family
with my love.
May they find it comforting.

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  1. Aww.. You’ve such a beautiful heart. Mesmerised by your words. Thank you so much for sharing this. And also for the video… That’s one of my favourite… Have a beautiful day ahead💗

    • I am just receiving this lovely message from you! It was written over a year ago. Was put in a folder of items to be approved! Anyway, Shayanda, are you still writing poetry? I just posted a poem story on my blog today! Thanks for reading some of mine and writing such a nice response!!

  2. Sunny De said:

    Ohhhhhhh!!!! Uncle Stan!!!! I hope he recovers from his fall! I’m pouring out prayers for him and his whole family. How scary!!!!

    • We can picture him now wrapped in his Maker’s arms. He left this earth with all its sorrow and pain at noon today.

      • Sunny De said:

        I don’t agree. He left this earth with his marvelous family missing him like crazy. He was free from pain after his surgery. It was NOT his time to leave this beautiful earth!!!!! It SUCKS!!!!! I’m heartbroken. 💔💔💔

      • I understand where you are coming from. I agree- – – it sucks! But his time to leave is not ours to decide! We all are living on borrowed time. Carpe’ diem!! <3

  3. Sending all my best wishes and prayers for Stan’s recovery, Jan . . . and also sending some love your way. I like the meme about increasing the dose. xx

    • Thank you, Lesley. I liked that meme, too. <3 Stan left this earth at noon today. If he had survived, it is probable that his extra years would not have been normal. His brain had been without oxygen too long before the paramedics arrived. The Good Lord, in His mercy, took him home. We will meet again. <3

      • Jan, I’m sorry to hear this, but glad that he is gone to be with Jesus. I’m thinking of the family left behind and hope you are all well. Lots of love. xx

      • Thank you. Your kindness is appreciated.

  4. A great post Jan! I Love your short poems with each picture. it works very well. Care is so important, even from a distance! So sorry to hear about Stan… three ribs…. ouch!!

    • Thank you, {{{Dwight}}} – I’m sure you recognized the elfchen format. It’s a fun one to deal with. <3 Thank you for your kind sentiments.

  5. really neat what you are doing with the poems / quotes / photos and reflections. You are really good at this!

    • Thank you! It’s over a year since you sent that message … and I am just now seeing it. Go figure! Wonder why it was put in a older to be approved?? Thank you for you affirmation last May ’21 … are you still blogging?

  6. Jan, your Elfchen series zeroes in so many expressions of comfort. Prayer finds ways to traverse great distances. Keeping Stan in thoughts and prayers.

    • Thank you, {{{Richard}}} – you are the one who inspired the elfchen format in me today. It’s fun, isn’t it? Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. <3

  7. Sending prayers to Uncle Stan and family. My Dad’s youngest brother was my Uncle Stan {he passed 4 years ago in June}. May your readers embrace the comfort that only comes from God. ❤️💚💛

  8. So sorry to read about Stan

  9. My favorite way to “distance comfort” is to make and send encouraging or funny greeting cards. Often, I write a short prayer inside the card. That way, they know I really meant it when I told them I would pray for them. I also occasionally make a batch for a couple of friends to use to spread the comfort.

    • That sounds like a wonderful way to spread the comfort. Very generous and kind of you. Kindness if the word for today. You just inspired me! <3

  10. What a touching tribute the video/poem is to Uncle Stan. He was always full of rhyme and smiles! He will be missed.

    • Thank you, Ty. Uncle Stan was quite the poet. It seemed quite fitting to me to imagine he was reading that poem to Bonnie about tomorrow morning. I appreciate your visit here and taking time to comment when you have such a busy schedule. God bless you! <3 I love you! <3

  11. Sunny De said:

    Btw I DID listen to the poem. It was very touching and made me cry. If I could I would fly there in a heartbeat to comfort the family. All my love to everyone there. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you, DeDe, for taking time to hear the poem. I could just imagine Uncle Stan writing that. He loved poetry. Like you, I wish I could hop a place and go to be with the family right now. <3

  12. Dear Jan…. my dear, so, so sorry for your sad loss…. Such a shock and traumatic time for you all.. I send you my love and heartfelt prayers for all of your family.. <3

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