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Embrace Relationships

I recommend that
you click on the “Best Friendship Songs” below
and listen as you read my Haiku renderings
on this subject of Relationships.

Relationships are
What this life is all about
Friends are our life’s gifts

We need each other
Going through life alone won’t work
Loneliness smothers

We’re never alone
When we’ve a relationship
With God, our Maker

Put God first in life
Let Him help you bind your love
So it never breaks

In an article in Woman’s Day Magazine, I quote:

“Whether you’re starting out a new relationship, have been married for years, simply love your friends, or adore your family, there’s always a way to incorporate God into each of the unique relationships in your life.”

Choose relationships
Grounded in mutual love
With respect at center

Seek Godly friendships
Not just with your great neighbors,
But with every one

Especially when
You are choosing a life’s mate,
Be centered in God

Men, listen to this:
If she does not know your God,
She doesn’t know real love.

Don’t give up on her!
Teach her about the Savior
Save relationships

Embrace your friendships
Love one another fully
Treasure your family

I am grateful for
The love of my family
I can count on them

I pray your friends care
For you as mine do for me…
And know I love you!

You are blogging friends
Who visit JanBeek to say
“I care about you”

I am inspired by
The way I can count on you
To come, read, and write

God bless you, dear friends
Your relationship matters
It’s more than on-line

It’s alive in me
You’re a friend I depend on
I can count on you!

Have you been listening
To that collection of songs?
Lots of good words there!

Like: “Live your story”
“Know our love will never die”
“Hold on to your friends.”

Thank you for visiting JanBeek today.
You matter to me.
Thank you for being my friend.
See you tomorrow.

Comments on: "Embrace Relationships" (13)

  1. Loved this! I agree 💗💞

  2. Jan, thank you so much for being my friend! I love you ❤️

  3. I love this beautiful post, Jan!
    Right now I’m thinking of the song, ‘People Who Need People’ sang by Barbra Streisand. We really do need each other . . . and I’m finding it rather nice. 🙌😊

  4. So very true

  5. Wonderful post Jan! Thanks for the tip to listen to the music while reading; it added much more. Relationships are all around us, and the one with our Lord sets an example for all others. I feel privileged to have you as a friend. God’s peace to you and your blessed Bob.

  6. Yes, creating relationships and serving others! It is what we are here for….
    Well done Jan!

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