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Embrace Aging

I could have called this “Embrace Maturity,”
but that would have been pussyfooting around the issue.
Not everyone matures as they age,
but aging is not an option.

You do it or you die.

However, I embraced this meme when I saw it:

Aging is a privilege only given to the lucky ones, you know.
So, yes, I will count this year …
but at 81, I sometimes forget if it is 80 or 81
and if I try to get by with the lesser number,
I have an 82 year old husband who is quick to remind me.

Hah! Can’t fool him…
He keeps a check on me – – –
but he’s not big on donuts.

My daughter
(most of you have met her on this blog in the past –
DeDe – lives in Switzerland)
sent me this a little while back.
She particularly liked it
because one of Bob’s nicknames for me
is “Rocky”

Most of you also know that I have a sanctuary
where I spend the first hour most every morning…
and in it I have three antique rockers.
Ah, yes, it’s the perfect image of me!

But the chair that brings us
mutual joy
is the one we put in the back of our ATV
and pull out when we stop for a break.
The best way to embrace aging
is to find a hobby that you can enjoy
with someone you love.

For Bob and me, it is joining friends
and going four-wheeling
on these wonderful Rocky Mountain trails. ..
stopping to fish the mountain lakes.
Ah, that’s livin’!!

What hobbies
make your aging process more enjoyable?
One of our mutual hobbies
(besides four-wheeling)
is teaching Sunday School.

Here are darling Ruby & Cord.

COVID got in the way
of being able to meet each Sunday morning
with these two darlings and one other…
and then these two moved away.
As they age, their mom sends us pictures.

Getting picture from family and friends
is a great way to welcome the new day
and look forward to the next time you can visit.

Aging is easier to embrace if you have dreams –
something to look forward to, right?

We dream of next October –
when COVID-19
will be controlled
and it will be safe
to travel to see our daughter,
De, and her husband, Andre’ –
and stay in one of the hotel rooms above the restaurant.

As we age,
some of the benefits
outweigh the struggles
that come with aching joints
and lowered energy levels.

One of them is,
when your grandkids act up
and get on your nerves,
you can just send ’em back to their folks!

Couldn’t do that when you were younger
and they were your own kids!

Gotta look for the perks in this aging process!

Oh my!
Take ’em home!!

Another advantage of aging
is that we have time to reminisce
about the “Good Ole Days”
and the songs we used to sing
that these youngsters with their guitars and drums
don’t seem to understand anymore.

And if those songs
and the memories they bring
aren’t enough to make you feel good
about still being on this earth,
try singing this one:

Another way to “Embrace Aging”
is to relish the extra time
you have to just find a good book,
pour yourself a hot chocolate or a glass of wine,
curl up in front of a warm fire,
and spend some uninterrupted quality time.

When you were younger, that luxury was seldom yours, right?

Now, if you are a youngster (under retirement age)
reading this blog,
you are probably thinking that I am a dreamer.
You’re right. I am!
And each day I dream up all kinds of things
to keep me exuberant about life.

Yesterday it was effervescence.
The day before it was … oh, do I have to go back that far?

A trick to aging gracefully is to remain playful.
Keep your hobbies,
and make up ways to keep the sparkle alive.
Take those boots that were left at the front door
and get creative!

If you can’t get out because you’re snowed in –
and you’re longing for sushi,
but the nearest place is an hour away,
send money to your kids
and tell them to go out for sushi on you.
But make sure they send you a picture…
and drool all over the computer screen
when they send it!

Ask your friends to send you a picture
of the table they decorated for some recent holiday –
and then marvel at their creativity
as you sit down for the 10th night in a row at your kitchen counter…
thanking God for your life,
your food, your kids, and your kitchen counter.

A trick to embracing aging
is to always remain thankful for your blessings…
even if they aren’t at a yacht club!!

Now, here’s a couple who knows how to live it up:
My friends, the Rosens.

Embrace Aging
by feeding your mind
Hope, Truth and Love
on a daily basis.

Don’t let your mind tell you you’re OLD.
That’s a state of mind for the senile.
It’s not for you!

Tell your mind
that aging just adds to your story…
and you’re not finished telling it yet!

Have fun, my friend.
Make room for sunsets.

Photo by Trung Nguyen on Pexels.com

Look forward to sunrises.

And believe in miracles…
Because you are one!

Thanks for visiting JanBeek today.
See ya tomorrow.

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  1. Carol Congalton said:

    Fantastic! Loved reading all the bright sayings. 🥰

    • Thank you for visiting and for taking time to comment. I hope you return again daily for a shot of encouragement. I appreciate you!

  2. So upbeat! I love it! I can’t wait to see you and pops in October!!! I wanna squish on ya! André and I will have to take a new photo in front of our hotel with the new signs but I think we’ll wait until the flower boxes are filled with Spring flowers. It’s going to look sooooo pretty!

  3. You set the standard, Jan

    • Awwww, Derrick, my standard “is based on nothing less than Jesus’ love and faithfulness” – Do you know that hymn? Thanks for reading and taking time to comment. You visits to JanBeek always make me smile. You’re such a faithful friend. Thank you!! <3

  4. That ‘Happy If You Know It’ meme had me laughing out loud, Jan! 😂
    I’m dreaming too, of Covid-free days in the near future and horses in the fields . . . and maybe even getting back up there in the saddle. Do you think God is urging me to ’embrace the risk’? 😃🙌xx

    • You bet He is, {{{Lesley}}} … And as you were witing this, I was in a Writers’ Group meeting with my friend, Janet, who has a book ready to publish about a “Grams” who is asking herself the same question. Synchronicity at work! <3

      • Wow, that’s great about your friend’s book. It sounds interesting already. As for horses, I haven’t ridden since my late teens, but for the past few months this incredible desire to get back to riding is very much occupying my thoughts . . . and dreams! At first, I felt a bit wary because of my age, but the feeling is becoming so strong that I’m going to throw caution to the wind – hopefully that’s all that will be getting thrown. 😂 Perhaps I’m re-visiting my teen years. xx

      • Sounds like a plan! Be sure to get assistance from someone you trust! <3

      • I will, Jan, and somewhere there will be an old horse for me who knows where he’s going with his eyes shut. 😀 xx

      • Heeheehee! <3

  5. Jan, this post delightfully reminds me of how this “aging thing” can be a marvelous journey. I skip looking in the rear view mirror; it’s full speed ahead.

    • Good for you, {{{Richard}}} – but it’s okay to take the foot off the throttle every now and then. I had a day a couple days ago when “Embrace Rest” was my theme … and I took a break from blogging it. Just rested. That’s good for the soul! <3

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